Saturday, August 12, 2006

Picture this...

It's kind of funny how a day starts out seemingly bright and okay, and slowly turns into a dull mush (whatever that means) and then ends up being nice, warm and fuzzy all over again. Funny thing is whatever I just said has nothing to do with this particular post.

Anyway, this song - Snow Patrol's You Could be happy was ringing in my head the whole day through. Sometimes I enjoy having songs playing in my head, but sometimes I don't. This unfortunately belonged to the latter group. Despite the fact that I like the song, having it play in the head can be rather depressing. I don't know the reason, but will soon find out (I hope!) But I digress....

See, yesterday, I was reading through my "care for the environment" styled post, and the comments that followed, and in my rather depressed state, I ended up smiling as I was reading through the comments two likeminded souls had decided to share. Just because, the whole scene got pictured in my head.

Here we have 3 people... a 17 year old girl from Mexico, a 23 year old guy from South Africa, and me a 26 year old from Malaysia battling to keep the coasts where the turtles come to nest a safer place.

The day just got better :)


  1. Oh yes. I think I know exactly how u feel. Some terribly messy days end up for the better, often thru a few lines that I chance to read somewhere before bed.


  2. When things got really bad, they can only get better.

    Hope you have a great day throughout today :-)

    Yeah, tough, I know, being Monday & all that ...

  3. Velu nair: Thanks for dropping by... sometimes it's the little things that make you smile at the end of the day :)

    Pugly: I agree... Though it's not always apparent :) And thanks a tonne for the wishes... it means a lot :)

  4. hehe, that is a funny picture, I can see us now clad in all black armed to the teeth with high tech gizmos...we can call ourselves the Turtle Corps, we'll have a Turtle Mobile, and Secret Turtle Powers...

    wait I think thats been done before...Oh well :P

    Hope you havin a great day :) Dont let urself be down, its a beautiful world :)


  5. Hi Anusha,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Though there aren't any turtles round my way I did get a chance to see some at a turtle sanctuary in the Caymen Islands a few years ago. It was a great experience - and you don't have to go under water to see them!


  6. I wanna drive the Turtle Mobile! Can I? Can I? Can I? OH! And also the super, high-tech, pimped out yacth we are going to have to cruise the seas saving turtles and beating up bad guys!!!!

    Watch out bitches!!!!!

    OH! We should have a pet turtle too. A talking pet turtle... that flies!

    Oh, man. I'm getting too excited. Ok, I'm going to turn around and slowly walk away, k? I'm glad that SS and I could make your day! Ok, see ya!

  7. Silversabre: Ninja Turtles? I used to watch the cartoon as a kid.

    Aunty: Thanks for dropping by :)

    Alethegoodsoul: Great enthusiasm!!! :)

  8. Yup, Ninja Turtles :)

    Man their Blimp kicked some serious ass!

    Lol @ a talking pet turtle that flies, hehe thats brilliant :)



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