Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Allow me to introduce...

Your Italian Name Is...

Enrica Romano

Your 1950s Name is:

Penny Thelma

Your Hawaiian Name is:

Palila Keilana

Your Russian Name Is...

Jelena Lyudmila Solovyov

Your Old Fashioned Name Is...

Gillian Joulon

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Terra ShieldYour Superpower is FlyingYour Weakness is MeatYour Weapon is Your Particle PitchforkYour Mode of Transportation is Phone Booth

As you can see, my relentless pursuit to get a pseudonym, a nom de blog or whatever else you may refer it as, has led me to total insanity...

I therefore introduce you to: Terra Shield :)

(add insane laughter here)





    personally, though, I prefer Jelena Lyudmila Solovyov. Doubt anyone's going to start googling that name.

    [damn the stupid word verification!!! Never mind. Third time's a charm, eh?]

  2. It would be too painful even for me to remember it... anyway, I'm now officially a superhero!

    Yeah, I know... it sucks big time, but I had some spam coming in and fooling me.

  3. Is it a bird?
    Is it a plane?
    No, it's Terraaaaaa Shieeeeld.

    Etymologically, it would mean protector of the earth.

    "Kapten, we have received a link from Terra Shield. What do we do?"

    "They're friendlies, lootenant. Initiate linkback procedures, Protocol Delta, Defcon 2."

  4. Terra Shield - I like!!! :-)

  5. as long as you don't join the Justice League and start flirting with my Batman, I'm happy ;)

  6. I'm personaly a fan of Hawians and russians, but its hard to argue with particle pitchforks...

  7. Prometheus: Protector of the earth? Awesome!!!!

    alethegoodsoul: HI (waves)

    pugly: hehehhe me too!

    anisah: no worries. despite the fact that batman has an awesomely cool car, he's not exactly my type.

    J_vertical: actually, i think so too :)

  8. hey terra..

    I umm noticed you around... you fly by here often..


    (Go turtle Power)


  9. reminds me of tera patrick... :P

  10. SilverSabre: Yeah, I sure do. Using my trusty ol phone booth :D

    desparil: what?!!! why?

  11. no reason.. probably cos you guys both have similar 1st names..

  12. jill: thanks for dropping by :)

    desparil: oh well... :)

  13. Terra Shield is a fantastic nom de blog. I wish I'd thought of using a pseudonym too. *sigh*

    Here are what those generators came up for moi:
    Italian name: Ortensia Lombardi
    1950s name: Nadine Lois
    Hawaiian name: Haleigha Lana
    Russian name: Feodora Khristeen Lebedev
    Old-fashioned name: Gillian Ashcombe
    Superhero name: Radioactive Soarer

    On second thought, I'm glad I didn't use a pseudonym after all. :-D I didn't get anything as cool as Terra Shield.

  14. Lizza: Hi! Thanks for dropping by this blog :) You should try the mega name generator quiz... not to be used as a pseudonym because the names can sound pretty idiotic, but it was awfully funny

  15. Cute idea, terra. Do you mind if I borrow this idea for my blog if I give you credit? I'm brain dead. Can't write anything more. Had one hour and 1/2 meeting with the President of the College and then another meeting with a nun who is the vice president. No brain function to post something original on my blog.

    Thanks for the cool idea.

  16. Before going online to set up my blog I was quizzing on the Encyclopaedia Brittanica. The last question was a visual clip from the play Julius Caeser. That being that 'last stored value' in my brain soon turned into my pseudonym. The name with the cutting edge, ain't it?


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