Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Goodbye July, Hello August

I have survived 20+ Julys all my life, but none of it ever came close to this July... the worst ever month in the history of my life... (save for September 2005 - I need to analyse which is worse, cause they were yukky for highly different reasons!)

Anyway, I thought that July would bow out gracefully but it somehow got into August's way and informed it to torture unsuspecting victims - like me.... (by the way, I'm not the only person who hated July, someone else whose blog I stalk has written quite a number of posts dissing July)

I just don't know what to say anymore... I don't even have the mood to justify why life sucks so much, except that maybe 2006 should be booted out. A.S.A.P. Maybe the whole year is just yukky ( as predicted by astrologers earlier this year)


  1. You're right. This July sucked so much. It was so slow, too. Dang it! I was so frustrated! I am so glad we are in August now.

    Good riddance, July!

  2. The heat is enough to make me hate July and August.

  3. As much as I'd like to, I can't hate August 'cos it's my birthday month :-) But July has got to take the cake as being the worst month for me so far - ever!

  4. Essay: Thanks for visiting :) Yup, July was horibble. Let's just hope that things perk up in August. There's still hope!

    Thethinker: Thanks for dropping by too :)Heat wave, huh?

    Pugly: Birthday months have a record of not failing the birthday babes (or so I think, anyways). Well, is it time to wish you Happy Birthday yet?

  5. Wait 'til a day before Merdeka, Anusha :-)

  6. Hey Anusha :)

    July sucked big time in this part of the world. It was all rainy and cold. And for a few other reasons as well.

    Oh well August should be a lot more fun i hope :D


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  8. Pugly: Sure, I'll wait ;)

    Silversabre: I like the rain... that's what making August a bit more bearable.. I hope it'll be better too :)

    Udit: Thanks for dropping by :)

    Ub: Thanks for dropping by, too :)

  9. Is August treating you better, fellow sufferer of brutal July?

  10. Yes, much better than August.