Thursday, May 25, 2006

YM, chatrooms, and organic chemistry

You tend to do things you don't usually do when you're bored. take for instance this incident ages ago, so long ago that I can't remember if it happened in 2004 or 2005.

I was online, and was logged on to YM, among other things. Emails were read and replied, and so on. The music playing in the background began to bore me, but I still wanted to hang around.
I ended up in the music chat channel. Rock: i think. I don't usually chat on chat channels, because they have not always turned out to be great experiences.

For instance, this one time many yonks ago, after a torturous organic chemistry paper my friends and I decided to go chatting - you know, to release nerves and to celebrate the so called end of a horrible subject. I ended up in a chatroom with a whole lot of people I couldn't relate to... It ended up that there was this only one person whom I did end up chatting with, and it was none other than my roomate. (we didn't use proper nicknames and were signed in as guests). The ridiculosity of it all heightened when we started chatting about the guy with nice eyes who was in the same CC as us.

I wonder if the roomate remembers this incident, but she hasn't logged on for ages so she most probably will be spared from the memory!

Anyway, back to the rock channel; I was there for like less than a minute when I was suddenly bombarded by questions, and thank goodness it didn't really start with that whole asl business. Anyway,one of them was this person from south africa who had dreams of being a football player, but was somehow tersesat in the rock chatroom.

Yeah, so this person apparently saw me online the other day (when I was sound asleep, but another friend did mention that I was on YM at 1 am. On a worknight? That's suicide... now that the insomnia is kinda over and I'm in the sleep replacement mode) and started asking all sorts of questions which i received in a daze the next morning.

How did the person save my YM ID? I must have somehow approved it at some point in life... damn!

From now onwards, if I'm bored, i'll stay bored, thank you very much, or resort to humiliating myself on my blog with stories like this... :)


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