Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bali Recap - Day 1


Have you ever had an experience where the adventure begins even before it’s supposed to? On the day of departure of the forever waited for holiday, such a thing happened to one of our fellow travellers. Her passport had less than 6 months to expire, and she was cautioned against going by the airline staff – for fear that she may be stranded in the country we were going to… (of course, she was not aware that her passport was expiring that soon, seeing that she booked for the ticket yonks ago!)

The following is reminiscent of scenes from the amazing race, minus the background music and Phil’s voice, of course… 3 people (ahem) racing to the counter where our friend was trying to negotiate an alternative so that she could fly without getting stranded. She was forced to get her passport renewed… while she got some details straightened out, we got her a cab to the nearest immigration dept. Said our farewells, wished her all the best and hoped that she’d make it for the 4 o’clock flight that the airline officer had tried to get for her… (by the way, this was at 9 +.)

Things were relatively calm afterwards, except for annoying people who cut queues and such…

To be continued....


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