Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Violent Earth...

A long and winding road drive later, we were headed towards Mt Batur, the volcano which is still active... apparently, at one time when it erupted, the whole island was blanketed in darkness for a day!

The weather from hot and sunny turned to rainy and slightly chilly. I suppose if we weren't so excited as we were the change of weather would have been rather depressing. I initially thought that we were going to hike up the mountain (yeah, right!), and was wondering as to how we were going to pull that off in the middle of the afternoon. Thankfully, all we needed was a drive to the side of the mountain to one of the many restaurants there for lunch (Ha! Ha!) and a view of the mountains...
Sometimes, words cannot describe how you feel about some things... This was one of those occasions where I think it's best to be left as it is...

We continued our journey back to Ubud by passing some of the more beautiful areas... Had a small stop at the coffe and herb plantation... It was still slightly drizzly and the ground was squishy, a sampling of hot, black coffee and some herbal tea was rather refreshing. On the journey back, we saw rice terraces and coconut trees.

Activities for the day sort of ended with a visit to the spa after our long drive back... it was refreshing yet slightly errr embarassing? We headed back to our rooms sans dinner, and after settling everything, it was still quite early to call it a day...

We kind of sat out on the bench outside our room, snacking on twiggies, mars and something else I can't remember... ( a few of the last things we purchased in Malaysia) while chatting in the silence of the night, occasionally broken by the sounds of nocturnal creatures... it was a really nice feeling doing that, and tomorrow is gonna be a long day


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