Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fictional characters and life

A thoroughly non-researched, based on 1 subject study abstract on fictional characters and their role model appeal to the subject

Anne Shirley: (From Anne of Green Gables, etc)First active fictional role model that I came to know... first through the movie and then the books. Although the movie did not move me much, the books did. I cried with her when she cried, and laughed with her when she did. She was one of the first who inspired me to try writing... (she wrote a whole lot in the books and crammed as many big words as she could in one sentence). I used to wonder why she hated her red hair, when I thought that anything but black would have been reason for contentment. Most of all, she dared to dream...

Jean Louise (scout) Finch: (From To Kill A Mockingbird)This character was much to young to be an active role model when I read it. She was 8, I was 18. We were in different eras, in different places, and different situations in life... I have never in my life punched any of my cousins until their nose bled, nor had any of my cousins said teribble things that may have led me to them getting punched. I never had a tyrannical presence of an aunt who forced me to wear flowy pink frocks and act like a lady. Neither did I have a Mrs. Dubose to be afraid of... (there was one lady whom I thought was gonna take my baby sister away, but she was a far cry from Mrs. Dubose). But somehow as I read the book, something in me connected with Scout. I read the book again and again... laughed at her thoughts on the things around her and enjoyed the childish games she and her brother, Jem and friend Dill used to play... a reminder of the long ago childhood I suppose.

Adrian Mole: (From The secret diary of Adrian Mole, etc)First character that inspired me to keep a diary... but never read the whole book in full at that time. However, recently, in my mid twenties, I read the books again and realised that the both of us us have ONE thing in common. Interest in writing: Difference is he thinks he's a great writer, whereas I just write for the fun of it. When things get bad, I think of Adrian (especially in his Cappuccino Years) because whatever happens, his life is definately worse!

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys:It's 2 separate series (for the uninitiated), but when I was younger - about 10 to 15, I wanted to be an investigator, especially the private types, who goes around snooping and then solves the crime in the end... oh what fun! This (now when I look at it, I think it's insane) obsession was also inspired by the countless investigator series out there by Enid Blyton (secret 7, famous 5, 5 find outers, etc)

March 18, 2006


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