Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bhangra Night Fright

A long time ago, a society consisting of a particular group of students (all from the same cultural and religious background) organised a gathering which they fondly named bhangra night... what the organisers didn't care about was that some of the friends of the people involved in the society was of a different cultural background.

What happened was that they made their members come up with performances, to be performed for their members at a hall in a neighbouring neighbourhood. Others were not allowed to buy the tickets for the event.
Due to some persistent members who would not hear of such a thing, (and a threat to boycott the event, i think, and a very nice president of the society (quite different from the organisers) the other friends were allowed to attend the event ) Woo hoo

The night finally arrived, the food fantastic, and the performances ok - obviously the medley performed by the friends of those who were initially not allowed to attend was the best performance -no biased judgement there...

Just as the floor was being set up for the open dance, there was a commotion outside... a car braking, tyres screeching and... Curiosity killed the cat, but the ppl inside didn't care... they werent cats anyway, and ran out to see what was happening. Apparently, there was an extermely heartbroken chap there who went and stood in front of this car carrying a couple because he was fond of the girl and couldn't bear to see her with her partner.

Of course others tried to intervene, but the chap just ignored them, he slapped another guy and made a noise which sounded very much like a lion. At that time everyone was getting a bit freaked out... the ppl there would have called the police, and no one would want to spend a night in the lock up. So the bunch of friends hopped into a van, and drove off... bitterly disappointed that there was no open dance. Seeing that the night was early, they set off to a local mamak stall, and sat down with teh tariks, and nescafe tariks and went over the incident. As far as I know, in the 4 1/2 years i was there, that night was the one and only bhangra night ever held.


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