Wednesday, May 10, 2006


On the left of this page is my Happiness graph. I created it this morning after I realised that life is cruel... (well, this was one of those many mornings, woke up, everything was blur, had to gulp down coffee to keep awake, while dreaming of caramel frappucino)

What has it got to do with anything? you may ask. The answer is, a lot. (all the disgruntled people out there can definately relate to this)

If you notice the graph tendency, you can see that the happiness factors decreases with time. It always does no matter who you are. If you're normal, it shall not dip below the point of better off dead, because then, you really really need some help before it's too late. And if you're lucky (which happens to even the most unlucky of us occasionally) then the graph moves up again, until the happiness all fades away into an ugly plateau, or dips below to levels that may endanger health.

In the third week of April I was at my happiest. Things were going great, I was on a short vacation, etc.

See, happiness cannot last, as soon as you begin to believe that life is not too bad after all, bad things begin to happen. Trust me, they really do!

Here's the story. Not too long ago, I finally got broadband at home, which meant that my internet surfing experience would improve by like say, a thousandfold? I could listen to music as I blog, or chat on Yahoo! messenger without having to type only 1 sentence per minute or else the whole system hangs, etc.

Anyway, after I reached the optimum level of happiness, my sound card and graphics card decided to torture me, and so they did. Although I have now solved the graphics card problem (Note: Am not a computer expert), but the stubborn sound card refuses to budge from the stand it has taken, and I am therefore musically deprived...


  1. Exponential decay with an intercept. Anu, that means on longer time scales your happiness will asymptotically approach a residual happiness (that is, the intercept 'Err').

    For the rest of us, the typical happiness chart follows a sinusoidal wave.

    Keep us posted, --Vijay.

  2. Did I ever tell you that you think like me :) or rather vice versa.. Especially so in this plot.

    Anyways, I like it! --Vijay.

  3. Well, this is the first time I'm hearing it (grins). Anyway, I know a whole bunch of people (who are my friends, but are not blogaholics) who have similar thinking patterns :)

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