Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where Hollow Eyed Triplets Scare The Hell Out of Terra Shield

There is a very talented lady out there who is of the opinion that "Childrin r Skary". I was first introduced to her wonderful animated works through my sister, in which our talented lady, Katy Towell tells interesting horror stories involving children.

I personally find little girls or little boys that make an apperance in my dreams to live up to the opinion that childrin R skary. Take last night's dream for instance.

Now, the floor where the office I sit in is located is already full of horror stories that could fill up a short collection of short stories if anyone was interested to take up the challenge in the first place - come to think of it, I could, but knowing me, I'd just scare myself even more, something I'd not want to do seeing that I've been working late the past few weeks. Anyway, back to the dream.

I was alone in the office, looking out of the window which is behind my seat due to some noise I heard. The place looks empty enough until I get a glimpse of three little girls in pigtails with their arms linked, hopping and skipping along the long floor which is right in front of the office. I back up a bit and try to hide, because something tells me that I should be afraid of these girls, whoever they are. (They were all dressed in red collared t-shirts tucked in into light brown pants)

So there I am, standing partially hidden as I hope that the girls will not see me no matter what. However, as they pass by where I'm standing, they come to a halt outside the window and all three of them simultaneously turn their heads slowly and look at me. Their eyes are hollow and black, and as they open their mouths (to scream???), you can see that it's hollow as well, and I was gripped with fear. All I wanted to do was scream, but unlike those horrible Hollywodd slasher movies, I just stood rooted to the ground, unable to scream nor move. It was then my alarm decided that it was time for me to wake up. 

Other dreams related to scary children


  1. My dreams about children always involve accidentally leaving them behind. Usually because I got drunk at a party and forgot to bring them home with me afterwards.

    Which is strange because I seldom go to parties and I seldom drink more than one glass of wine

  2. That sounds like something out of freaky horror movie (which is an improvement compared to how horror movies are doing lately).

  3. You want scary kids? Try this...

  4. nursemyra: Yeah, that is strange - though I wouldn't mind something like that for a dream... at least it's not scary.

    sriyani: Ha ha... I think European horror is pretty good, though I'm not exactly up to date on what's out there right now

    King of Scurf: zOMG! (Makes me feel really lousy about my non-existent guitar playing skills :p)

  5. I don't think children often appear in my dreams. But maybe with 6 younger siblings and a couple of kids of my own, they are too real for me.

  6. That could be a reason... I can't explain why they appear in mine though, or why they are so creepy either.


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