Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh Google, Look At What You've Done

Some time ago, I made use of a children's folk story to poke fun at a certain Malaysian whom I thought was in the news for all the wrong reasons. Turns out, my reference to the folk story has earned  the top spot on google Malaysia when people took the trouble to search the following:

click to enlarge

Now, while I'm cool about being listed on google and all that (I don't earn money from the blog, so ratings are not and have never been of any particular importance), I can't deny that I'm a tad bit embarrassed about the content of the post (funnily, the thought that the post would be embarrassing never occurred to me when I clicked 'publish') despite the fact that I think the person (for once) may have found what they're looking for.

In the initial stages of blogging here on blogspot, and because everyone else was doing it too, I paid a good deal of attention on the blog statistics, and with all the tools out there which are available, it's such an easy task. I myself use Statcounter which I feel has a few of the better features around - especially the option for putting up your counter invisibly! Recently, after discovering the above case, I thought I'd start paying attention again at what has led random people over to the blog, and the findings are as follows: (1st August until 23rd October 2011)

Most of the searches are looking for Love Films's 100 movies in a poster and stuff on the ring of fire, and I'm glad that they will actually find that it is indeed somewhere around here. However, other than that, the search terms used are far from being mind boggling like they used to be so very long ago.

Back in 2008, folks came around looking for 'malaysian chicks' and 'red tubes' (I didn't know it then, but sometime later found out that red tube was a site for porn - hence the popularity. Oh, how those who searched for that and ended up at this blog would have cursed) And there were a few other strange searches as well. I had a good laugh. This new finding of rather dull keywords makes me wonder if people have actually ceased looking for strange stuff on the net, or has google managed to filter the content so that strange search items do not find their way to your blog unless you post equally strange content...


  1. I get all the weirdos at the gimcrack. but that's hardly surprising with the subject matter I post

  2. It would be fun to know how people end up at the gimcrack... :)

  3. maybe you should change your blog name to red tube! haha!


    i guess it's good for those who need visitor for making money :)

  4. Since I'm working in an online marketing team, I would say it's probably Google. Their search quality has improved of late but I've no idea where would the strange-people-searching-for-strange-stuff get routed to.

  5. I blogged about a Danish TV show called The Killing and most of the hits I get are people searching for the murderer.

    If you click on your second picture, have you noticed the....errrrr....rather inappropriate word that appears at the bottom right of the image?

  6. Faisal: LOL... nevermind, I don't really need that much attention! :D

    sriyani: Yes, I'm beginning to think it's google, and definitely not the people themselves. Can't deny that I miss some of the silly searches, though.... :)

    King of Scurf: I wonder if they got what they're looking for... Thanks for the info regarding the 'inappropriate' word. Fixed it. :)

  7. Back before I exempted my blog from we searches, I used to get all kinds of weird hits. I used to enjoy checking that, too.

  8. The weird bits are the best... :)

  9. I was slightly traumatised when I realised that a lot of people found my blog by searching for "aunty fucking" (sometimes with more details). I was blogging under the pseudonym for awhile before I found out that Aunty was a particular term for older lady (here it just means your father or mother's sister and that's it!)... and the rest is due to my liberal swearing.

    Although I'd never think of myself as sheltered I feel a bit of my innocence died when I saw that people were searching for such things!

  10. One word describes them all: perverts ;)


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