Saturday, October 01, 2011

Born in the year of the monkey

An *unintentional act of mischief was committed yesterday, somewhere in the afternoon, while a whole bunch of us were seated in a room presenting some reports.

I had completed my presentation, and had ceased being worried about it and sat listening to the final presenter - lets call him Arofsky. He was talking about a few activities which he labelled as **3R, and my mind immediately drifted off towards the 3Rs related to the environment - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Someone of importance then chose that moment to ask Arofsky what his 3Rs were, and although he's one of those really smooth talking guys oozing with confidence most of the time, he sort of fumbled with the final R, and without much thinking, I prompted him with the word "Recycle" - a bit too loudly, I guess - and he took it as an actual prompt and said 'recycle' to which everyone burst out laughing.  

He rectified it with the correct word almost immediately afterwards, but I was too busy being embarrassed to take any notice, especially after Ace who was sitting opposite me laughingly told me that I had turned *** 'naughty'

* It seriously was unintentional
**Well, maybe this is a lesson to not use already famous acronyms and (whatever it is you call things like 3R), because people's minds will always seek the most popular use!
*** I don't know where this comes from... I've not exactly been angelic all this while either :p


  1. You brought humor to the meeting - that alone made it worth doing.

  2. Ha ha... I won't deny that it was a proud moment indeed - having people laugh at something I did. I do feel a wee bit sorry for Arofsky, though. Just a wee bit.

  3. Nothing like humor to add a lighter side to a meeting/presentation!

    I'm sure Arofsky found it funny too :)

  4. Ha ha... I hope so!


  5. so what were his three Rs? Readin', writin' and 'rithmatic?

  6. Early onset of Tourette's Syndrome? :)

  7. nurse: LOL. That bunch of Rs was popular back in my schooldays... This one is relabel, rework and repack. :)

    King of Scurf: More like a late onset of annoying childishness :D

  8. The best thing anyone can do in a meeting is to bring a bit of laughter in with them. I'd have enjoyed that :) so, well done!

  9. Well, I do hope those who laughed enjoyed the brief distraction ;)


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