Saturday, December 18, 2010


Over a year ago, comic fans all over the world were furious to discover that Disney was buying over Marvel Comics and reacted in a somewhat extreme manner (or so I thought), which I found utterly confusing until a friend explained the reason behind the Marvel Comics fans reactions. Original post here  - and if you were as confused as I was over the reaction of comic fans, pay attention to the explanation in the comments by Cyberfish. 

I found myself with perhaps about 10 other people in a cold and darkened room while pursuing my 3D movie quest before the year closes yesterday evening. I had a choice between the latest Narnia movie, Tangled, and Tron, but decided to pick Tangled as it had less risk of being over crowded (which was true as there were only about 10 to 12 people there - awesome, I tell you)

First of all, I did dig the 3D effects, although I believe I would have looked like a moron in those 3D glasses, and seriously doubted their cleanliness. I did wipe them with my jacket before using them though. There were certain things I wanted to just grab, because they seemed to be within reach, and thankfully I didn't flinch or move too much, except for the part where I folded my foot under me as it was too cold. I should remember to use shoes instead of flip-flops the next time I go and watch movies. And maybe a beanie and gloves as well. He he...

As for the movie, I found it enjoyable enough as I'm not a fairy tale purist. But that also could be because I've not read the original version either but pretty much recall another televised version which involved a woman craving for horse radishes! The movie was fun and funny, introduced an unexpected weapon, and for someone who's not been allowed out of the tower, all her life Rapunzel seems to have perfectly mastered the art of people skills and could give professional horse whisperers a run for their money any given day.  Throw in an adorable chameleon, an overzealous horse  bent on revenging a vain (and rightly so) thief, and a bunch of big, scary looking men with dreams, and you get the formula that makes you shake with laughter.

I didn't care much for the soundtrack though, especially when you compare the songs from this movie to older Disney stuff like The Little Mermaid (I read the original version of this story and felt so miserable!) which had "Under the Sea" which I loved, or even the soundtrack from The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Alladin and Beauty and The Beast.

And now I think I've got a crush on Flynn Rider!


  1. I saw the trailer for this on one of my many grocery shopping trips at Giant and was hooting in laughter everytime. I really must catch this :D

  2. I'm not generally big on 3-D movies, but this one does look cute.

  3. under de sea... dodo do doo... under de sea...

    damn it - you've put that in my head now.

    Most cinema's here are offering you tickets with or without the glasses so if you remember to bring your own pair you get a cheaper ticket... I lose them so this has never worked for me, but if I was more organised it would be good - they don't recycle them in the cinema anyway. Haven't seen this movie but saw the trailer awhile ago and thought it looked good. I must say the original story sucked so this is bound to be better.

  4. nick: Yes... just for a good laugh.

    SAW: It is cute... I don't know if I'll be catching more 3D movies in the future or not... I seem to have contracted a bad headache after the show.

    AHD: And now it's in mine... ;)

    Well, if you don't mind the changes they made to make it feel good, then it's worth the watch... I also wouldn't mind getting my own pair of 3D glasses, but I don't know if they allow people to bring in their own... (not being an avid cinema goer)

  5. I'm not much for the latest round of 3D interest. I didn't like it when I was a kid either...too much distraction.

  6. I've just tried it this one time... I remember 3D stuff from earlier times as well... late 80's early 90's when holograms were all the rage. I definitely got sucked in on that.

  7. I kinda like the 3-D of movies ever since I watched Avatar .
    BTW - heard that this Rapunzel movie is a laughter junkie ! Must watch this ^_^ !


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