Monday, December 27, 2010


And I feel fine...

Yeah, 2010 - good bye.

I'm doing my annual review of the year a tad bit earlier this year, what with this platform being more of a pressurising chore instead of a hobby that was once well loved. Maybe a few days break of not having that nagging feeling to post a post might help me in this front. We'll see in the next year.

If I were to describe 2010 in one word, I'd use the word INCONSEQUENTIAL, because, really - it didn't seem to have any significance at all. It was there, always in the background challenging you to keep up with it. Sometimes you ran to catch up, and sometimes you just threw your hands in the air and went and slept. It was that kind of year.

Stuff That Made 2010 (Things that happened, stuff I learned, stuff I did, etc)

1. This was the year of vacations, with friends and family, overseas and local. While the vacation itself was good, coming back and facing the realities of life was tough.
2. Made a total of four (4!) new friends this year, and 3 of them were students who did their internship in my workplace, and one is a colleague. Says alot, doesn't it?
3. Did a lot of reading this year... I tried compiling a list, but I seem to have misplaced it.

5. The migraines which reduced in frequency the past few years have come back to haunt me once again
6. Found out that the Dettol Antiseptic Hand Wash actually prevents you from falling sick. I've not had the flu since I started keeping one in my office
7. I have a doppelganger. She seems to like most of the things I like - books, observing people, finding a quiet place to eat and read during lunch, thinks that a lot of people around us are idiots, have strange encounters, etc. She even looks like me from the back. Creepy!
8. I actually watched more movies than I usually do. I also realised that I hate romantic comedies, love animated stuff, and have surprisingly enjoyed anime more than I thought I would. Could I say it was a good year for movies? No, I can't.
9. Family members like my potato salad <3
10. Some things are really, really difficult to move out from your system. I could give examples, but I choose not to.
11. Climbed two hills in preparation for hiking the tallest mountain in Malaysia, but it unfortunately stopped there. Frequency in going to the gym also reduced due to the increased frequency in headaches/migraine.
12. I have been a lousy friend to some people.

Yeah, so that was 2010 in a nutshell. I didn't like the year that much - and I'd only give it a 4 out of 10 for awesomeness. I'm actually looking forward to a fresh new start come 2011, and I think that it's probably time to look for other fresh starts as well, especially concerning item #4.

* A spin on the song by R.E.M  - It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)


  1. Have you made friends with your doppelganger?

  2. I have... even creepier is I had been training her to hand over some of my jobscope to her...

  3. Who is your doppelganger? :0

  4. talking about 2010, i have nightmare with my office too. i had done my best and took the workload that nobody wants to bear. what i got in return was no appreciation, re-consider about the cemerlang title i got 2 years ago, blame for could not get zero mistake (which i suppose i could be a robot if no mistake been made by me but robot does mistake too right?) and recently i got new work description which is not doing the job anymore. part of it i like it. but also, hate it. god is fair. that is the only thing in my mind and keep me working there. i will re-consider working there after my graduation :)

  5. Gee: I think you of all people should know... her name is similar to mine, and she works with me?

    Faisal: Oh dear... it's so awful, how some changes can have so much effect. I used to complain about the workload but I hung on because I liked the people... Well, good luck to you in your plan after you graduate. I need some good luck too!

  6. I'm intrigued by the doppelganger. At least you have someone to share your frustrations (and pleasures) with. Perhaps between you you can hatch up some solution to the dismal work situation?

  7. Oh wow... I never expected so much excitement over a doppelganger. But yeah, we find solace in discussing these issues.

  8. In case I don't get the chance to drop in before the year ends, here's wishing you a beautiful new year ahead :D

  9. Have a wonderful new year, Terra Shield!

  10. Nick, Anita...

    Thanks, and Happy New Year :)

  11. Have a fantastic new year, you and you're doppleganger!

  12. Happy New Year to you Terra [ a belated one though :) ]

  13. That's weird, I thought I commented here. I think I said something like Here's to a year of consequence!

    And I love that song.


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