Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I gave iTunes on my laptop the liberty to surprise me with it's choice of a playlist, a feature I never knew it had, which it did with as much enthusiasm as a computer application is apt to. The result was pleasantly surprising, as it seems to have picked up songs which I might have picked myself, had I been dilligent enough. I must admit though, that it's enthusiasm in including a large number of Queen,  R.E.M, Oasis and Thin Lizzy songs was as surprising as the fact that it had decided to (almost) completely ignore the female artists in my music folder!

On another note, I watched the movie 500 Days of Summer over the weekend and fell in love all over again with Regina Spektor's music... here's one of her songs which was used in the movie.

PS: Please excuse the rather lame topics chosen and passed off as blog posts... the mojo has turned rusty due to lack of use!


  1. I read the other day that Apple spent a lot of time devising the clever algorithm to ensure the iTunes random player was definitely random but lots of people contacted Apple insisting that it was not because they could recognise it choosing themes and patterns. Apple therefore reprogrammed it in later versions to be less random and the complaints stopped.

    It's all to do with the human's instinctive desire to see order and patterns where there are none apparently.

  2. I love her covers - Real Love and No Surprises are sublime

  3. King of Scurf: Interestingly, the songs were random enough. I must read about this, though...

    Nurse: Oh yes... her original stuff is pretty awesome too.

  4. When I put my iPhone on shuffle, it sometimes gets stuck on a particular artist and eventually have to intervene and re-shuffle.

  5. I have the same problem with the iPod sometimes...


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