Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Third time's a charm? Probably not...

I spent Sunday night worrying endlessly about a relatively simple procedure that involves the removal of a wayward wisdom tooth which was scheduled for Monday afternoon. I had taken the afternoon off, and spent most of the morning trying my best to cram up as much work as I possibly could. However, something was nagging me to call and reconfirm my appointment with the dentist, which I finally did about 11-ish.
A soft voice greets me across the phone, and she says, "Sorry, but the dentist is on emergency leave today. Can you come on Wednesday?" 

Seriously? Emergency leave?

Noting that this is the third time an attempt to remove the wisdom tooth has failed, I'm beginning to think that the Universe is dead set against me removing my wisdom tooth. Why is it so, I can't explain, but seriously, once or twice is acceptable, but the third time? I'm not sure if I want to go ahead and remove it anymore...


  1. Shouldn't worry so much about removing a wisdom tooth. It's a pretty simple and painless procedure plus u get a day or two medical days off :) !
    That too is if you really have a very good and a professional dentist ^_^

  2. LOL... one of my hobbies happen to be worrying! I was all set for it, but the dentist had to cancel... so now I'm having 2nd thoughts all over again :(

  3. Wait...they don't call you to reschedule when the doc has an emergency like that?

  4. No, they didn't. It's a good thing that I'm a worrier and called them. I went home anyway and slept :D


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