Thursday, February 11, 2010

T-Shirt Friday: Versatile Chemical Engineers

I kinda said I'd do this in the comments section of Saby's blog the other day, and since I remembered it in time, I figured why the hell not... after all, this particular T-shirt will be turning 10 in a few months time and used to be one of my favourite tees when I still used to use them... I don't fancy wearing tees these days, and even if I do, they're always the fitted kind and rarely come with smart and snappy sentences I wish I had thought of before they were printed on the said tee.

Other than that, most of the T-shirts I own are usually tees from special events at work such as the official family day T-shirt (I have three so far), or even when we got the TS certification, etc... Talking about tees, I was incredibly pissed at someone at work yesterday (I don't really know whom I should be pissed at because I don't know who the culprit is) because this person took a tee that was meant for me (HR put the tees in a bag for each department and had a list of who gets what size, but by the time I dropped by the main office to pick up my tee - one of the 3 sized S, the steno said that someone had taken mine and all that were left were the XXLs!) This was yet another special events tee, one to mark the 25th anniversary of a certain country's intervention in our automobile industry. Oh well... I just left it there, though... to rot, I hope! Thank goodness it looked kinda ugly.


  1. Ooh love it love it!!!

    But you're supposed to be wearing it babes....really makes taking the picture by yourself fun!!!!


    I shall promptly notify the nurse :)

  2. that's a great t shirt Terra!

  3. Saby: I tried... the photo didn't work out though, although i just got a new idea... we'll see if I'm up to any modifications and photo taking tonight.

    Nursemyra: Thanks... and thanks for visiting :)

  4. I have an assortment of T-shirts and not one of them has anything interesting on them. I usually buy plain ones. Nursemyra is an active participant in T-shirt Fridays.

  5. I hate when there are no size smalls left. But I really only like girl-cut T's anyway, so I always end up getting rid of the regular kind.

  6. The T-shirt seems kinda of complicated though - lol !

  7. Ricardo: Yeah... prefer plain ones too, even the fitted ones

    SAW: Me too... the guys t-shirt seems a wee bit unflattering... I onl use them at home

    Unicorn Girl: It does?


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