Sunday, February 28, 2010

Going on Five - Unfinished Business Speaks

If I were a human child, I'd probably be reading books meant for four year olds', or learning to tie my shoelaces and I'd most likely be carrying an empty backpack, impatiently waiting for my chance to go to pre-school. Well, something like that, anyway. But I am what I am, and with me being a blog, my life consists of waiting to be typed in, or waiting to be read., receiving happy stuff, frowning at half baked attempts at post, delighted when someone says something (except for the anonymous Hanyi spam).. sometimes, I inwardly groan as Terra types - she's not going to say that, is she? But like her, I try not to be judgmental. To a certain extent.

Most of the time though, I'm just another site on the world wide web (though Terra tells me that it is unfashionable to call the internet the world wide web these days), occasionally being perused due to being hit by search words like pippi longstockings or turning 27. Don't ask. Terra may be able to explain that better, some other time - she says.

I suppose I just want to say that it has been four glorious years here, and after so long, we have surpassed 500 posts, had about 30000 odd visitors (including bots, unfortunately), a good number of friends to have (imaginary) tea and scones with and lots of memories, good and bad. To those of you who have stuck around to witness four years of nonsense, we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Unfinished Business Part II

(and me! and me! - TS)


  1. Congratulations, dear friend :)

  2. Wow!Four years of blogging with 500 posts. You are very loyal to blogging. I admire you.

  3. Orhan: Thanks :)

    Willie: I suppose I am. And as long as it remains fun, I will. Thanks :)

    And thanks for dropping by.

  4. how i wish i can turn back time, be a kid.

    i want to read all story books... like i used to... gnom was my favorite.

    then i'd like to learn piano. poor thing my family couldn't afford to send me. but luckily i'm who i am today... raised by my parent :)

  5. Happy Anniversary babes!

  6. Well, happy blogiversary to you!

  7. Congrats on blogging for that long. I can only hope that I'll make it past the three year mark :D

  8. faisal: Don't we all? Well, sometimes anyway...

    Saby, SAW, Nick: Thanks... :)

  9. Wow Terra your an old timer!!! I think I'm going on 4 years though so I am not far behind!


  10. Ricardo, AHD: Thank you! :)


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