Monday, February 15, 2010

Pass me the bear spray please...

It was somewhere in the not so final vestiges of the month known as January, where days flew past you and weekends were spent bonding with cousins over activities that were either in the form of a movie in the cineplex despite the crowds or promises to play Risk. Somehow, the idea of the movie got the popular vote instead of Risk, and we somehow found ourselves seated in the cool cineplex watching a movie because we wanted to watch a movie, and not exactly the particular movie (although all of us agreed to the movie due to not having much choice)

It's been awhile since I've seen a romantic comedy in the cineplex, well, not since the second Bridget Jones movie and I wonder if it is purely me being more cynical as I grow older or that I just wasn't that into the movie although I suppose I laughed at the 'inappropriate moments' with the rest of the crowd. The storyline was just normal... everything you thought would happen happened (maybe in varying degrees), the so-called romantic dialogue was cheesy, an acceptable level of comedy whilst the acting (by the leads) was mediocre at best, the worst crime being them having a complete lack of chemistry. In fact, I could say that the whole movie was saved by the appearance of the grizzly bear and the lead actor's minor obsession with bear spray! However, it could all be blamed on prejudice as well, seeing that I never particularly liked the female lead.

Nevertheless, the movie was somewhat entertaining - the comedic parts especially, which unfortunately portrayed our British lead actor as a hopelessly helpless milksop... but there was nothing really moving or thought provoking (which makes me wonder if romantic comedies ever give you something profound to think about, or to discover about yourself)... Well, maybe I was just expecting too much.

I've attached the trailer here, mainly for the grizzly bear (1:42 and beyond...) 


  1. I will watch this one when it comes out ob DVD, most likely.

  2. I've been wanting to watch this movie but I'll wait for it to come out on Astro. I only spend money on actually going to the cinema for movies like Transformers, Iron Man and Star Trek :D

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  4. These flicks make me angry. Is it because I'm a guy?

  5. Wanted to take my mum for this but they're not showing it anymore in klang....i'm a hug SJP and Hugh Grant fan so i just have to watch it!

  6. Is this something similar to 9 months - minus the baby on tow ?

  7. SAW: should have done that too...

    Nick: Yes, it shall be all action and horror from now on. I am so over Rom Coms

    Ricardo: I don't know... could be.

    Sabrina: They lack chemistry though... Hugh Grant and Renee Zellweger had so much more chemistry...

    Unicorn Girl: I don't know... sorry.

  8. that scene where SJP is running along behind her horse reminds me of this

  9. That video was funny... and so was that scene, actually..


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