Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poetry, Not the City

The radio played Baba O'reilly
I started thinking "Oh my God, really?";
     In the mp3 player I ignore it
     Because it's too cool for keeping fit,
Tantamount to munching on celery!

Edit: For secretagentwoman...
1. I'm obsessed by certain things, Baba O'reilley walks in and out of my obsession list several times a year. It gets worse whenever I hear it on the radio
2. I've been also fretting that I had not written a limerick since 2004. Almost 6 years later, I do.
3. I never said I was totally sane ;) 


  1. Who? Oh! Baba O'Reilly....

  2. Maybe it's too early or maybe I'm just lost.

  3. Terra, I replaced it!!!hahaha

  4. LOL @ secret agent woman.

  5. SAW: Or maybe I was just being very vague...

    Vivek: Awesome... will drop by your blog in a bit.

    Ricardo: :)


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