Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bloody Red Jeep

The normal Luna colour pencil box has about twelve colours. Kids call it red, while older people and the colour manufacturers probably call it vermillion.

It was ages ago, in the state of Johor where there was jeep. Of course there were many jeeps, but the jeep we have in mind is one in particular. It was red, and although initially known as the big red jeep, it was later on renamed the bloody red jeep (BRJ). If this jeep could talk, it would have many stories to tell, some happy, some sad and others - just ridiculously silly, or so it thought.

The BRJ was a victim of insane jealousy – not that it was pretty or anything of the sort. It was in fact too regular, or maybe it was the owner of the jeep that was a victim of jealousy - from some people who had no form of transport. It doesn’t really matter anymore, because the whole thing happened back in 1998.

One funny incident that the BRJ may have experienced was looking on at three lost souls at the dirty beach side of a city that must not be named (imagine a beach by a city –). One guy and two girls. One guy in love and one girl about to be confessed to, and one very uncomfortable girl who knew what was going to happen but couldn’t go anywhere else because…

1. It was in the middle of the night at a dirty beach
2. She was wearing a traditional costume – not convenient to hail a bus or a taxi if any could be found at that hour
3. She was relying on the owner of the BRJ to send her back but apparently her existence has been totally ignored due to the ‘romance in the air’

The long night finally ended and to the very uncomfortable girl’s delight everyone decided to head back to where they came from… in the BRJ…

Disclaimer: The reader may have noticed that the story above lacks any definite event. This is due to the fact that I was not an eye witness of the above event. The story was narrated by the very uncomfortable girl, whom I’ve unfortunately lost contact with at the moment.

PS: This was one of the very first posts I had put up in my old blog, almost 5 years ago. For some reason, an accidental rediscovery of a printed out e-mail that was also written five years ago made me feel all nostalgic all of a sudden


  1. I have a blog friend whose twin stepdaughters are nicknamed Veridian and Vermilion. Their mother is Violet Towne.... they don't own a jeep

  2. Nothing so uncomfortable as being a third wheel.

    You feeling better, then?

  3. Totally off tangent but this post brought back meories of my Luna colour pencils!!! I had the ones where if you wet them you coul use them as paint or something like that.....mmmmmm....the sight of the box itself always gave me butterflies....i dont know why :p

  4. Yeah that's a third wheel story alright.

  5. nursemyra: Oh my! LOL

    SAW: I guess... been in the situation before but it wasn't that bad at that time. And yes, I'm better now... thanks :)

    sabrina: Aquarell or something like that, right... was a bit obsessed with those too when I still liked art.

    Ricardo: Oh yeah... I wonder what happened to those people now... can't even remember their names except for the third wheel..

  6. Wow, this was one of your first posts five years ago? You've been blogging that long? I feel like a novice compared to you :D

  7. Yeah... it has been long indeed. I could have started and finished my second degree in that time. LOL.

  8. er, she lost her virginity???

  9. I don't know... but I hardly think any such intense activities were done that day, you know... what with it being a public beach and all ;)


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