Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Who Stole the Groove??

So it's 6 days into the promising, untainted white cloth that is the year 2010, the only problem being it seems to lack something vital, which in turn makes it seem like a drab grey cloth with frayed ends as opposed to the fresh clean one.

I took the last few days of 2009 and the first few days of 2010 off (it was the weekend, after all), a kind of reprieve from the real and virtual world, a chance to shut down the brain, take a break from the blog and the internet and just do as I like (I did have some 'homework' to do, unfortunately and quite a number of errands to run) hoping that by the time I had to return to work, I'd be fresh, awake and ready to take on tasks that come my way with enthusiasm and gusto.

Instead I find myself back to the way I was before I took my break, exhausted, worried and now I'm wondering where the hell did my 'getting back into the groove' get to. I suppose it's the fact that the moment you come back you realise your next three weeks have been stolen by other people who want your time. Or perhaps it is due to the fact that maybe five years is one too many, or maybe the naturally gloomy conditions of the intermediate office. I really hope I can get my groove back. Damn...


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this, Terra. I was surprisingly refreshed by my break, and am very grateful to not be exhausted going to work every morning. Maybe you can have a 'switch-off' weekend at some point this month.

  2. Well, in th ebook, you'd go to a tropical island and hook up with some gorgeous young guy. Is that an option?

  3. take rest without bunking.sleep in

  4. I think good change has to start from within, and only each person has the power over his own attitude.

    Good luck getting your groove back!

  5. Hoozle: Aw, my break in 2008 was good... I suppose I'm just bored with the same old problems. It's as though nothing changed, you know. I shall have the switch off weekend at some point. Thanks...

    SAW: I live in the tropics, so I'd pick something different.... but I'm game with the gorgeous young guy.

    soin: Hmmm... I'm not physically tired, it's more of a mental thing. Thanks for visiting :)

    Travis: Thank you..., and you are so right. I have the power... just need to get the cables fixed right.

  6. I took some time off during the new year weekend to 'recharge' but upon coming back to work, I think I need another long weekend off again!

  7. I think we need another holiday to recover from a holiday. Come, vote for me as your next politician. :-P

  8. Nick: You summarised my exact sentiments...

    Gallivanter: Hmmm... lemme think about this.

  9. I was hoping to come back from my 11 days off feeling refreshed but you and I share the same sort fo exhaustion. However, I did drink alot of alcohol and have many late nights. Would do it again! WILL do it again. Oh, yes.

  10. See, it is supposed to make a difference. I don't know why it's this way this year :(

    Anyway, I'm gonna take travis' advice and do something with my cables. We got the power!! :)


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