Thursday, January 07, 2010

Technology Woes

I just realised that giving death threats to a thumb drive or pen drive or whatever else it's called is as futile as chasing away a man (or woman) eating tiger with a "shoooo" and a wave of the hand.

That said, a trusty old pen drive (5 years and counting) which had been working just perfectly fine yesterday evening (until 6:45 pm) has decided to close it's curtain on me. The only thing it tells me is that it is not formatted and would I like to format it now? I don't.

All I want is for it to open so that I can e-mail something very, very important which took me a few good hours to complete to my boss! So, if there is anyone out there who knows how to retrieve the data that refuses to show itself... please help.

Thank you... (trying my best to not panic)

Edit: I got a lead from a friend on Facebook, but there are still some hitches, as in the software tells me that the documents are still there, somewhere, but I'm not very clear on how to 'rescue' them as they are in some unrecognisable format.  


  1. Oooh sorry babe...wish i could help but i'm so technologically retarded i should get a 'special' parking lot in cyberspace

    Hope everything works out *fingers crossed*

  2. I've had this happen. It's maddening.

  3. Sabrina: It's ok... It hasn't 'worked out' yet, either... but I'm working out my wrist by and fingers by redoing the particular ASSignment. Oh well...

    SAW: I know... Nothing is really safe.

  4. I guess, the solution is.....

    Write this on a word document 100 times (no copy paste allowed)

    "I will not delete the project from my hardrive after transferring it to the USB."

  5. Ouch, that's bad news. Unfortunately I'm a doofus when it comes to such things so I can't help you with some super geeky save a thumbdrive tip :D

    Hope you get it sorted out though ...

  6. Rakesh: Oh my! Sadly, the project was edited solely in the drive... the hard drive has an unedited version. I must remember to save it in both locations.

    Nick: I need to read more techy stuff and move forward and join the league of extraordinary geeks ;)

  7. Sorry about that. I've had two of those things die on me if you can believe it.


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