Monday, January 25, 2010

Quality vs Quantity

Ok. The word "quality" probably stretches it a bit too far, akin to bestowing yourself the nickname Rapunzel when your hair barely surpasses your scapula, but I'm sure you get my drift... a lower frequency of posting inadvertently assumed to be well thought out and crafted posts. How far it is from the truth... Sigh.

So here I am, taking the blogging bull by it's proverbial horns, doing the best I can to get back to somewhat regular posting - preferably every other day, training my mind to view things from the left hand side of a tightly closed box (whatever that means), appreciating the amusing stuff that happens on a daily basis and documenting them no matter how daft. I will try to avoid rants as much as I possibly can, though... unless they're in the form of haiku.

Therefore, while we may lack quality, which I am fervently hoping will not be the case for too long, here's to a tad bit more quantity (does a crazy toast with a giant blue water bottle and coffee mug). Oh, and if you look closely at the top left hand corner, we have a poll there... which would you pick? Quantity or Quality?

Edit: The question of picking quantity vs quality is just a general poll, like if you're a blogger, would you rather blog more, or scrutinise every single post and only post it when it is perfect? And if you're a reader, would you rather read more stuff (no matter how silly), or would you rather read carefully crafted posts?
However, the result of the poll will probably not influence the direction of this blog... our aim is quantity at the moment


  1. No rants - why on earth not? Rants are very important. We are nothing if we can't mouth off.

    Keep ranting I say.

  2. I agree with ploop there....rant away my's what we were created for :p

  3. What? We have to choose? Shouldn't you just do whatever the hell you want? I go for quantity myself - probably post 5-8 times a week. The quality I have to leave for others to judge. It probably varies wildly.

  4. I think you just have to go with what you can do when you can do it.

  5. More Terra! More! More! Woooo!

  6. Plooptionary: I know they are... but they are also often a tad bit too personal. I need to maintain an air of mystery...

    Saby: You know... I haven't actually had a ranty post in a month? I will complain about issues, no doubt, but will probably tone down on personal matters.

    SAW: LOL, no you don't have to choose. I've already decided, I suppose. I'm going for quantity now.... and quality will sure find it's way with practice.

    Travis: Yes, that sure makes a lot of sense. I do hope I have the time/energy to churn out posts, though...

  7. Ricardo: Ha ha... yeah, that's the plan...

  8. ah! my office got quantity but lack of quality. maybe that's why government is so slow. i don't agree at all, when they extend the working period until 58 yo. ridiculous!

  9. Retirement age at 58? I'm sure a lot of them will be very happy.

  10. I wanted to vote for quality but I just had to go for quantity in the end... because really blogging is not about beautiful prose (although I acknowledge that some people achieve it) or any well thought out argument... it's a bit of entertaining nonsense... I mean some of the post I've most enjoyed over the years have been the ones people wrote without any structure or editing. On saying that there's probably something to be said for the quality of the writing of those bloggers (yourself included) being pretty good even when they're not trying very hard.

    I myself stick with drivel for my blog and leave any perfectionist tendencies for my writing elsewhere. I wouldn't be fun if I spent too much time editing (or even checking my spelling!)

  11. Jai: :)

    AHD: How so very true... I don't know why I reduced posting the end of last year, but I knew that the quality had dropped, in the sense that I'd write something half way and hate it so much... I couldn't connect with it.

    And then last week I made a pact with myself... FB status updates will be reduced and somehow, by some subconscious psychological effect, I suddenly had all these ideas where even the most mundane became possible blog posts!

    I love your definition that the blog is a bit of entertaining nonsense... That sums it up. :)

  12. QUALITY!

    Consider that my vote in this ever increasing wonderland of democracy we call the internets!


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