Thursday, January 14, 2010

Of clones and Doing What's Right

It would be very, very interesting and beneficial if I could form a bond between myself and the laptop using my ponytail as we seem to constantly live in the utter hopelessness of disharmony. Silly notions aside, the idea for this concept was naturally 'borrowed' (although the bond should logically be between objects that are animate instead of inanimate) from a movie that has seemed to have gathered fans like a famous football player.

The cousins, sister and I had watched Avatar at the very beginning of the year, as usual hoping that the crowds would have dissipated by then, but as luck would have it, it was not to be... we got our tickets alright, but it was insanely close to the screen, which I suppose we didn't mind at the end of it.

Now Avatar has a particularly intriguing concept... an alien planet by the name of Pandora (Pandora's Box, anyone?) similar to Earth, with inhabitants similar to us (but so very different at the same time - language, their view on life) who seem to have achieved harmony with their surroundings. Enter humans. First a group of scientists, whose sole interest is the biological aspects of the planet. They enter as Avatars, their bodies cloned with the Na'vi to be able to survive in those surroundings (the air is apparently poisonous to humans) and then the others, bent on taking what's not theirs by hook or by crook. I'd say by crook...
And you've got to love their sleek, strong, agile bodies, which I suppose would be almost impossible to achieve even if you spent all day doing sit ups (yes, even when you're asleep!)

It's set slightly into the future and from what they tell us, Earth has lost her battle against human greed, and as usual the greed takes humans elsewhere and rears it's ugly head once again at the expense of the folks there (they're called Na'vi), the forests and most importantly, the Home Tree, where the Na'vi have made their home. The sister and I discussed the movie (we were both fascinated by the how the Na'vi communicated with their surroundings... how they listened and learned stuff, how they formed a symbiotic relationship with the things around them and so on) and she said that she thinks that perhaps we were able to do so too once upon a time until we completely stopped listening, which is why the birds flew away and humans got killed during the tidal wave of 2004.

The movie also deals with issues such as trust, love and to an extent fighting for what you truly believe in, which makes me wonder... how many times have we actually fought for what we truly believe in? Or worse, is there actually anything out there which is really worth fighting for? (To be honest, I don't know... but these questions sometimes keep me awake at night)

I did think the movie was awesome, and I'm quite glad that they decided to take the idea of making this movie out of the storage box that once held it.

Anyway, I found this pretty cool application on a friend's profile and figured I'd have some fun with it... and this is how I'd look if I were a Na'vi... even my glasses are there! Not bad ;) (must remember to stop grinning like an idiot for photos, though...)

The application can be found here :

So, go ahead and Avatarize yourself...


  1. I heard here are comparisons here in the states to our war in Iraq. I have not seen it yet but That would be an insetting spin. Although I don't think that is what the director had in mind. Great review.

  2. hahahaha...nice app that!

    i got bored n developed a nasty headache after watching it..guess my 3d glasses were no good (and my seat was farthest away from the screen)

    i did think it was an interesting anti-war commetary, but it is so much about hindu philosophy, which might leave an Indian a bit bored. We all know about the cosmic flow of energy and all that and having an alien explaining it was a bit..lame

    maybe i was expecting too much....the aliens were interesting looking though. made me think if Lord Krishna was as hot!

  3. Now that you mention it... yeah, but like you I doubt James Cameron had that in mind. It was fun to watch... you should give it a shot if you get the chance...

    TQ: It's nice, right... too bad about your movie watching experience though... I was too near the screen, but it was worth it...

    LOL @ the comment about Lord Krishna ;)

  4. I went to it wary of emotional rape.... which is something Jim Cameron did to us all with Titanic, and was pleasantly surprised. Yeah there were lots of 'messages' in it but not too much of any one thing so it spread it nicely. I thought it was beautiful to look at, and I'm really curious as to how they managed to make it.

    However the whole anti-capitalist greed surprised me... who knew Jim Cameron was anti-capitalist... hmmm methinks there's some heavy hypocrisy going on. Nonetheless I will Avatar myself as soon as possible!

  5. Loved the movie esp the visuals.The apps...will def try it :)

  6. AHD: I watched BTS (Behind the Story) on E! (on cable) I think they have the whole thing on how they made it there... I will see if I can find the link later. It was really beautiful to look at, no doubt!

    Jai: Yup, they were good. I love Pandora..

    PS: Would love to see both of you looking like Na'vi :)

  7. i couldn't make the app work... might be a mac issue... I was terribly disappointed... might try again

  8. I needed to try three times before I finally got it. The app takes a long time to load.

    Anyway, I tried searching for a link to the BTS thing I mentioned in an earlier comment but can't seem to locate it :(


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