Monday, January 18, 2010

Of News and Paranoia

"Will the police check all blogs?" my mother asked the other day as I was sitting on the floor doing something which I can't recall now.

Now, that is a classic example of 'borrowing' things to worry about. Mom has always viewed this particular hobby of mine with apprehension because she probably thinks that I sometimes don't know when to keep my mouth shut (which is true sometimes, unfortunately) and I occasionally do exaggerate to her about what I want to write, just to annoy her (like how I used to purposely support the team playing opposite Liverpool when I watched football (or soccer) with my dad)

About a few days before mom asked me that question, they had announced on the news (seriously, my mom watches too much news these days much to my horror) that they were conducting checks on contents in blogs and would make arrests if the contents incited hate or were throwing blame on certain parties for a string of what could possibly be defined as planned hate crimes/attacks which had happened over the past week, something which is a tad bit too worrying for a country like ours whose very foundation stands on toleration and unity. As weird as it may seem, the country seems to fear blogs and bloggers alike for the effect they had on the 12th general elections back in 2008. For the record, this was never one of those blogs, though...

I suppose my mom is just worried that I might have said something on the blog which could get me arrested (she doesn't read it, and is therefore spared from my consistent spewing of self-absorbed nonsense), but she seriously has nothing to worry about... if I were ever arrested, it will most probably be for being silly!

PS: Amma, just so you know I do have plans to give my satirical two cents worth on what happened, but it may take awhile... ;) And don't worry, it won't be too obvious!


  1. If there were to arrest anyone, I'd probably be high on their list ... LOL!

  2. Well, if you do... we, your online friends will without a doubt have a 'free Nick Philips' petition going around ;)

  3. That's kind of funny/sweet of your Mom to worry about that. But no, I don't see you as being at risk!

  4. LOL. I know... worrying seems to be her hobby, though

  5. You will move to Australia long before you're arrested!

  6. Seems like a good spot as a political asylum...


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