Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What's the story, morning glory...

At first there was a dream, and in the dream there were flowers...

I've never been one of those people who were really big on flowers... mainly because I always thought they belonged on their respective stalks, swaying in the wind, while butterflies and bees dropped by for a spot of tea. In fact, in my 29 and 3/4 years of being alive, I've been given flowers exactly five times and all five of those happened to be crammed into about a span of five years from the time I was a first year student right up till graduation day. My final two flowers (2 red roses) were in fact the ones I received during graduation from the few friends whom I consider to be the closest to me... and as shallow and whiny as this may sound, that was the very first time I had felt somewhat downcast at the fact that I was the only person without a bouquet of flowers to take pictures with and couldn't help wondering why my parents didn't think of getting me one.

I kind of remember my first flower too, a turquoise coloured rose. I was a first year student then, and my residential college had an event which also included flower dedications, and I had received this particular rose from one of the second year guys whom I might have spoken to once or twice before. I found it odd that he had included the message "nice knowing ya!".

But I digress... sort of

It was somewhere in the afternoon, and I was sitting on a chair at the end of a table for six - the ones with heavy wooden chairs opposite a man who was eating. It's obvious that this was a restaurant, and surprisingly (even for a dream) the restaurant belonged to my parents (in real life, if my parents ever opened a restaurant, I'd have to eat my gym shoes - well not really eat the shoes, but I'd boil it in water, and add some salt and onions and drink that like soup. My parents never have been and can never be business people) For some reason, I was watching him eat, but I can't remember his face.

A little while later, another guy enters the restaurant and heads straight to where I was sitting. He quietly requested me to scoot over so that he could sit opposite the guy who was eating, and declined my offer of a fresh chair. (Yeah, even in my dream I figured that giving a person a warm chair you have sat on is not a very nice thing to do) Surprised, I scooted over while he bent across the table to put the plastic bag he was carrying on the seat opposite me. (He was tall) All this while, the man who was eating kept silent without even giving a glance at either of us.

We walked out of the shop only to visit a place I had visited once in another dream, a stairwell that was all metal, walked around a bit, including on a bridge and finally went back to the restaurant. He then picks the plastic bag and hands it to me, saying that it was for me. I open it and see all these flowers (type unknown, ranging from yellow, orange and pink and everything in between) arranged neatly in the plastic bag. It was something I didn't expect (probably the guy was not the flower giving kind of guy, or perhaps I was surprised at the fact that I had received a plastic bag of flowers - I'm not exactly sure), but I thanked him and he flashed me the most beautiful smile ever. If I had not woken up at that very instant, I assure you I would have swooned... ;)


  1. Wow, you actually remember your dream quite vividly :D Half the time I can remember a single thing that goes on in my dreams ...

  2. Hehehe... I trained myself to do it... dreams make wonderful ideas for stories, you know...

  3. Great song on the video. Aren't these vivid dreams wonderful? I haven't had one in awhile. and why is it always that you wake up at the best parts? This is maddening.

  4. One of my current favs... It's true, we always end up waking up at the important bits, LOL... I'd love to know what happened next in this dream :)

  5. do you believe that dreams do come true ? :)

  6. Well, it never has so far (which is a good thing cos they are usually too weird), I have a feeling this one's gonna be the same.


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