Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fighting the Apocalypse

Note: This is a very delayed post.

Twenty years after the rest of the world hogged the cineplex, enjoyed and expressed amusement/bemusement over the movie 2012, my sister, mom and I finally made our way through, and even then had to endure the crowds, smelly feet (or was it the carpeting?) and the general irritation associated with huge crowds. Now, I had heard too many negative remarks about the movie from friends and tried my best to remain objective about it, (which was really difficult as I had watched way too many documentaries about supervolcanoes as well and couldn't help wondering about certain things) which is why I will refrain from doing a review (I must stress once again that my reviews, if ever reviewed by someone else, will probably get a D and then I will be just sad. I know they're lousy, but I'd rather not have anyone tell me that)

Instead I will attempt a point form commentary on anything that strikes my fancy.

1. John Cusack looks exactly like his sister, Joan Cusack. But she's funnier.
2. The earth splits, everyone else dies, but because his name is probably right at the top of the cast list, he escapes unscathed after the earth practically swallows him.
3. Massive destruction makes you feel excited. Woo Hoo!
4. Don't be a scientist. Ever.
5. Does this mean that anyone can fly a plane? I want!
6. Sasha. Yum.
7. The race against a plane and volcanic ash (pyroclastic). Who will win?
8. Why fight? Seriously... If the world ends, everything as you know it ends... why bother building the 'arks' and saving some people. The Earth should be allowed to start over without us interfering.
9. Animals and helicopters. Cute. Looks like an imagined scene from Big Friendly Giant
10. Is it possible to still stand while massive eruptions are going on?
11. Accelerate and your once ordinary car will do wonders in a life or death situation
12. They touch our sentimental bones with the human aspect of the story-  family ties and tying up loose ends and the like. Sob.


  1. In all end-of-the-world narrowly-avioded the hero manages to stay an instant ahead of the earthquake/rampaging alien/terrorist/lava flow. It's nutty.

    I like both Cusacks.

  2. I don't like the Cusacks. For one, they have odd names. And secondly, I just don't like them. I feel like I should like them because thats the cool thing to do but I don't play that game. Nope. Not I.

    Too cool for school, buddy!

  3. SAW: Exactly... but to borrow words from my sister (Can't remember her exact words) "If you want it to be real, watch a documentary" or something along those lines anyway...

    Orhan: John and Joan? Odd? LOL... I think Sonic Walkie-Talkie would define odd better... hehehe

  4. It only happens in the movies when the hero can do wonders. I don't particularly like the Cusacks. But all that said and done, I must go find the DVD of this movie watch it :D

  5. DVD? Then you will not be able to soak up the thrill of things being destroyed... ;)

  6. i hate the way they escaped. it looked like a game - super mario?

    merry christmas terra!

  7. I thougt that the world ' would not ' come to an end in 2012! Unless of course I'm still dreaming - lol !

  8. faisal: LOL @ super mario. I agree... it was a bit too much ;)

    unicorn girl: apocalypses come and go, I guess. It's a wee bit less that three years away, so we shall see.


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