Saturday, December 05, 2009

What Would You Do?

Say you think you've got your life sort of figured out, with a tad bit of normalcy (depending on your definition of normal, of course) and all of a sudden one day, while you're back in your usually placid and very normal hometown, you meet a few people, some family members, some strange strangers and realise in a shocking instant that you're suddenly shouldered with the sole responsibility of saving your family and yourself from the evil clutches of a *disgruntled evil spirit. Seriously, what would you do?

This movie, titled Arundhati intrigued me from the very beginning for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on. All I knew is that the snippets on TV were exciting enough and I wanted to know what happens, which I did, a few months later courtesy of my colleague who actually took the trouble to borrow it from someone else (another colleague, which actually makes it very embarrassing, but that's another story) on my behalf.

I loved how the movie was set, first in the present where we see the family all gathered to celebrate the wedding of our protagonist, Arundhati while some strange things happened in an old house. These strange happenings leads to a man turning mad after he and his wife - who goes missing (I think) are led into the dilapidated old house where the evil spirit lies, begging to be released from his entombment which was protected by holy inscriptions, seeking revenge on our clueless protagonist.

We are then brought back to the past, where we are introduced to Arundhati's grandmother who is also Arundhati or otherwise known as Jajamma. Their names are alike because they are supposedly the same person - reincarnated. Jajamma kicks major ass, what with her abilities to sword fight and all. I find her incredibly courageous, and there's just something about her, and oh, that intense look in her eyes - see the picture attached. We learn the history of the family and how the evil spirit comes to exist, and suddenly Arundhati (the modern one) finds herself as the one and only person who can actually end it all. Despite being in denial at the initial stage (she probably has never touched a sword before, after all we live in modern times and could possibly be jailed for possessing weapons regardless if they cause mass destruction or not), she took to the sword like a guitarist takes to the guitar. By this time, the evil spirit had managed to break free from his tomb with the help of the man who turned mad, and he sets to haunt her, taunting her with threats to kill her family which leaves her with no choice but to fight, which she does.

I thought the movie was amazing in terms of story line (you just want to know how it all happened) and strong characters (well, the modern Arundhati was a wee bit silly thinking that her fiance wants to meet her at a dilapidated old house, of all places... and doesn't even call him back to reconfirm, but you forget that with all the action and mystery and the way the story unfolds and how she faces the evil spirit towards the end) Unlike most movies, it didn't have annoying 7 minute songs every half an hour which have no connection with the story which makes it much more awesomer. And as I have said time and again, I'm quite a lousy reviewer, but this movie is awesome... seriously. Watch it if you can... (I somehow have the suspicion that I'm probably the last person to have watched this movie)

So, I repeat my question... what would you do?

*That's putting it mildly


  1. No, no, no! I haven't seen this show so you can't be the last ... LOL!

    Urmmm, evil spirits and me, well, lets just say I'm a coward ... :D Enough said!

  2. That's good to know... hehehe

    LOL... yeah, I don't blame ya... but you will forever be known as the person who saved the family if you do it, I suppose :)

  3. i don't believe in spirit at all. so how could i save my family or even fight the spirit? :)

  4. Oooohh i'm too much of a coward...cant even bring myself to watch the snippets of the movie on tv so u can bet thatif it came to it, i would leave my friends and family to defend themselves! LOL!!!

  5. Faisal: Hmmm... I can't answer that... The question was inspired by the movie, really.

    Sabrina: LOL! But it sure seems like fun to play with a sword knowing that you can handle it ;)

  6. Even if you did save your whole family, they'd find a way to make it your fault in the first place and be all grudgey that you hadn't saved them quick enough or made enough tea while you were doing it... and not that your not doing anything you might as well clean up after dinner... at least that's how it would go in my family. I would probably save them, but I'd revert to my teenage self and do it with bad grace! "I'm savin' ya, I'm savin' ya so shut up, alright!... jaysus!"

  7. If I saved anyone's ass, they'd have to make tea for me... seriously ;)

  8. "Unlike most movies, it didn't have annoying 7 minute songs every half an hour which have no connection with the story which makes it much more awesomer."

    Was this a bollywood film?That always annoyed me when I saw such films. I just don't get it.

    Overall it sounds like I would like it. She sure is a looker as well.

  9. "you think got your life sort of figured out." Yeah, see you stopped me right there with that prerequisite.

  10. Ricardo: It's not Bollywood, exactly... (different language used). I can handle songs in moderation - that is if they tell a part of the story or something, but mostly not.

    SAW: Well, that's why I used 'sort of' in there... but I get what you mean


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