Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spotted in Kuala Lumpur

I'm currently plotting a plan to conquer the world, so I can't say much.. but I figured this picture might be able to say the thousand words pictures are supposedly supposed to say...

Click to enlarge

Note: Picture was taken while walking along the streets of KL.


  1. Plotting to conquer the world? And there I was aiming to be supreme ruler of the world by early next year ... LOL!

    I've seen a few building with trees on them but never seen one with a palm tree before though.

  2. Sree: I think so too... but I can't see why they have been put up there though, a secret rooftop fake beach, perhaps. Just something I'm curious about... :)

    Nick: Hahaha... I'll race you the finish line. :)

    I've only seen buildings with creepers (grown, definitely... not natural) hanging down their sides... adds a lovely tinge of green to the surroundings, but never seen actual trees (fake or otherwise)on top of buildings before.

  3. With what appears to be STEPS to said palm trees. STEPS!


  4. If they are real, they may be part of a growing movement to have greenscapes on city rooftops for environmental reasons.

  5. Orhan: Nooooo... they're not steps. Malaysian buildings tend to be asymmetrical. Don't ask me why. :)

    SAW:Real ones would be nice... I shall keep a lookout for others :)

  6. to go with the swimming pool I suppose :P

  7. That's a very nice touch with the trees.

  8. If you have noticed ( especially in the Golden Triangle area ) , quite a number of rooftop buildings /foyers do have plants ( & trees ) on the top of the building . & many at that too .....

  9. TT: Haha... I suppose

    Ricardo: I guess... It's sad when it's fake though...

    Unicorn Girl: I've seen he types that hang from the balconies and stuff... besides, I don't frequent the Golden Triangle so I might not have noticed


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