Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Late Lunches and Telephone Numbers

Before she left, he gave her what she thought was an awkward peace sign which turned out to be him holding a small neatly folded note with his phone number on it.

It took a few phone calls for us to decide to check out an intellectually stimulating exhibition in the National Science Centre that Sunday (which I will elaborate on another post - if and only if my blogging mojo remains long enough for that), but for now, the key event is what happened after that.

We had foolishly not eaten before heading to the exhibition - circa 11:30 am and as a result were a bunch of famished souls by the time we headed out looking for something to eat. This was already nearing 4 pm (I could be mistaken since I used my watch on my left wrist, and did not look much at it - it's usually on the right wrist... that is when I choose to wear a watch) and we decided to brave the cruel weekend crowds for an extremely late lunch in a restaurant in one of the major shopping malls.

So there we were, seated at the table when one of the waiters sauntered by with our food/drinks? (I can't really remember because I wasn't fully paying attention then) and we said thanks to which he replied in an extremely polite and pleasant manner "(My) pleasure". I suppose that there was just something about him that made my 19 year old cousin very, very excited that you could practically hear her hormones racing through her bloodstream. She kept on looking at him (when she could without being noticed), and tried getting his attention. One incredibly funny incident I remember is that another waiter had passed by our table a few times but no one called him, instead, she waited for this particular waiter (who had his hands full) to ask for the menu - to which he replied "Awesome" (now, really???) and she also made her orders (this was for cake which we decided to get for our respective mothers) with him although just a few seconds before that another waiter had passed by our table.

It reached a point where we discussed the possibilities of leaving her phone number on the table (I offered her a pen, and her sister offered her lipstick (all the more enthralling to write your number down, me thinks) but we discussed against it because
a) The number might accidentally get thrown away when they're cleaning our table
b) It might fall into someone else's hands
c) No one's gonna know who's number it is, so it beats the purpose

In the end, after the meal, we all trooped downstairs... with my 19 year old cousin probably conjuring up several different images of 'what-if's' as we walked. The moment we reached outside, she let out a whoop and showed us the note he put in her hand.

It's hard to put my finger on why we were all so excited about this turn of events. It makes you happy and want to smile all the time (and I'm smiling as I'm typing this)... I mean, what ARE the odds, right? Mostly, when you like someone it's almost always unrequited, so this was just so (fill in the blanks yourself) No doubt she had been obvious in showing her interest and all that, but it's still amazing that he took the sign and made the move of giving her his number (but not his name, though... just some initials). Now it all made sense as to why he was distractedly tearing some paper while we were sneaking glances at him.

Note: I've been putting up videos of late because I figured it would add variety... The songs are basically stuff I like, have been recently listening to or just some random pick from somewhere and most of the time have no connection with the post. Apologies for the long post...


  1. I first thought, it was you who got lucky... turned out your 19 year old cousin! When will you learn :P

  2. Hmmm... someday, perhaps. Maybe I should hang out more with the 19 year old ;)

  3. Awww! That is so cute. I'm happy for your cousin :) I hope he is nice.

  4. when will it be your turn ??? :) Don't forget to blog about it yah ? !

  5. Amelie: I hope so too, for her sake... LOL. It's a very cute tale indeed :)

    SAW: Yeah, it is... :)

    Unicorn Girl: My turn?? LOL.

  6. i still smile to my self thinking of how it was such a coincidence!..hmm!


  7. Hmmm... my mom asked me why I had 'that grin' on my face yesterday. (This was during the phone call you had with G)

  8. I hope the relationship takes off and they have the time of their life.

  9. Oh wow... my cuz will sure be touched at the amount of support... :)


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