Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Of Conquering The World and Crime Solving

It was hardly expected the first time around that a certain game that goes around by the name Risk could twirl me round it's fingers (if it had any, that is) so easily because I was never one for large group games - once again being a loner of sorts. It took just one game over the bed in one of the rooms during the trip to Kuching to get me and a few other first timers hooked. Now, a game like Risk is the kind of game that gets better the more players there are, and for that very reason, when JV suggested that we reunite to play again, I jumped with joy (not literally, of course) at the idea.

Our little game started at JV's house, and there were only 5 of us, including JV's cousin who was playing for the first time. So naturally, she had 1 seasoned veteran teaching her, and 3 other wannabe veterans attempting to teach her the game amidst laughter and chips! She got hooked as well! Of course JV aced the game quietly and stealthily while the rest of us looked on in horror as she literally conquered the world out of nowhere while obliterating the grey pieces. Obliterating the grey pieces was my mission, so she had helped me solve my mission unknowingly as well! Ha!

Unfortunately, one of our members had to dismiss herself to attend something family related, and finally there were only 3 of us. JV's cousin had to leave as well, while I had nothing better to do so I hung around with UM and JV. Although it was a small crowd, we decided to give Cluedo a chance. I must admit that I got hooked on this one as well! To think that I had existed for 29 long years in this world without knowing how fun these games are. After a few rounds of Cluedo - the games finished rather fast as there were only three of us and clues were much more easily obtained this way, we decided to go out and have a drink. And it turns out that we really had so many different topics of conversation to cover and didn't notice that time had passed - it was way past dinner time by the time we decided to head back.


  1. I'm so glad to see you having a good time. It put s a warm smile on my face that is still there.

    And I'm glad you call it Cluedo and not Clue as our silly American friends call it. Then again, they do store whole chickens in a can, so I shouldn't be surprised that they are so hardcore.

  2. Good that you are having a good time after the last post which seemed like you were stressing out.

    I'm going to start calling it Cluedo to confuse my friends.

  3. I haven't playes risks in many, many years and have never heard of Cluedo. Oh! I see from Orhan that it's the same as Clue. Why add the "do" to the word "clue"? (And is that pronounced doe or doo? Not that I'll call it that, because people will think I've lost my mind.

  4. Looking at the progress and determination ,I am sure JV will lost in the next game of RISK.P.S:The board is now at London(literally )

  5. Orhan: Glad to know that you're smiling... Well, it is called Cluedo here as well (probably our shared history of British ruling).. never knew the Americans called it Clue, though...

    Ricardo: Yeah, weekends are good that way. LOL. I'm sure it will :)

    secret agent woman: pronounced as "doe"... I don't know the reason, but I will sure find out :)

    Jai: LOL... who knows? Wow... the board sure travels around. First Kuching, now London. :)

  6. Risk is the best! I just love the game probably explains why I always want to be supreme ruler of the world ... LOL!

  7. LOL, yeah... doesn't everybody? Well, except me, perhaps. I'd rather be left alone...

  8. *sigh* I miss playing Risk. Think i haven't played it in 15 years!!!!! Must get a set!


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