Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everybody Hurts

If life were a sitcom, then yesterday would have been the season's special episode for physical comedy.

Falling down or hurting myself in a comedic way has been a part of my life since I can remember, the worst of the lot being the time when my left heel gave way on a stationary escalator and I literally tumbled down it, scaring all the people who were there, destroying my sister's pants and scraping the skin off my shins which took forever to heal. This happened way back in 2004, but the scars are still visible, albeit slightly. I must also hold the record for being the one and only person to have sprained my ankle before entering a jungle for some training, or to have dropped a box set of books on someone's head (she shouldn't have been sneaking a read under the shelf of the bookstore, though - so maybe I was just the channel karma used to hit the person), and I'm also capable of making any ballerina turn green with envy at my ability to do a pirouette in a cramped space before falling in a heap as an after effect of attempting to close my car door in that cramped space. Don't ask.

Anyway, back to yesterday... I first hit my right knee on the leg of a marble table due to my strange habit of needing to be really close to the table during meetings. Perhaps it's a subconscious way of me feeling protected by the table... plus, it gives a more dramatic effect if I had to suddenly push myself behind to stand up and give an opinion! That hit on the knee made me have to rest my head on the table for a bit. It hurt so much, but surprisingly it looks as though there is no internal injury.

The second incident happened later that night after I came back from the gym, at about almost 10 pm. Now, my parents house was built in the late 70's where cars were not a very necessary item yet, and therefore the porch is a bit small, so there's a 'knack' when it comes to parking the car. For my car, I have to reverse park it at a right angle with the right side of the gate outside, and the left side of the gate inside. And although I have my own keys, dad came out to open the gate for me and he did it wrongly. So I just got out of the car to help him when I noticed Ketsbaia moving slowly towards the house at the corner in it's own time. In horror, I ran towards the car, but was not strong enough to stop it. In the end, and in sheer panic, I used my right shin to somehow do something to the car (I was in panic, in fear and dreadfully tired after a long day so I can't remember what was it I did) while I yanked the hand break up. At least now I know if I suddenly decide to change fields, I could try being a stunt woman!

The shin hurt a bit, but didn't show any signs of injury until I came out of the shower. There was a big swell which seemed to be getting bigger by the minute. And now I have a bad ass bandage on my right shin.

Note: Title borrowed from R.E.M


  1. Oh my god, you're like calamity Jane la Terra ... LOL!

    But I know what it feels like. My knees have this perpetual need to hit itself against everything at home all the time ... hahaha!

  2. I fall down stairs so often I'm going to start listing it as one of my hobbies!

    I love your dramatic car rescue... very action hero!

  3. Nick: LOL! That bad, is it? Yeah, my knees (and elbows) don't seem to know where they're going, either...

    Aunty: Oh dear! But your statement made me LOL. And thank you! :)

  4. Oh dear me ! Hope you recuperate fast from those ' in-house ' injuries ....:)

  5. now, you sound scary :)

    maybe you can do more charity in order to chase away all the bad lucks!

    ... but you sound like a tough woman!

  6. Yikes! I've never tried to stop a rolling car. Glad you weren't more seriously injured.

  7. Unicorn Girl: I am fine... minor injuries only. But thanks :)

    Faisal: Hey, I don't have bad luck... I'm just very very accident prone! And a bit reckless at times

    Travis: Yeah... looking back, it does seem quite a terrible thing to do. Well, I'm glad nothing horrible happened too!

  8. Poor you! Hope u get better soon babe *hugs*

  9. Aw, Saby... thanks. I'm fine already. No permanent damage! LOL

  10. As soon as I saw the title, Istarted singing the REM song in my head. LOVE that song.

    But sorry about the bump!

  11. I used to love the song too... a few years ago when I was crazy about REM. Then I had an overdose :)

  12. I would have to see that scary escalator fall before ruling on your stunt woman prowess. LOL! Glad you're ok and glad you are OK after this latest incident with the car.

    That one was very stunt woman like.

  13. Yes, being an actor, you'd most probably need to see it yourself before you say 'stuntwoman' :)

  14. Oh, now it all makes sense!

    Y'know, you're starting to sound more and more like me. Thats not a bad thing. Just saying, is all :)

  15. I'm glad it does....

    How so? By finally summing up that I am indeed accident prone? :)


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