Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fun In the Sun

Re-post from the old blog: August 1st 2005
I wrote this about 4 years ago, after the very first company event I attended. The reason for this re-post is that I just very recently went for this year's event and haven't been able to post it up yet because everything is still scattered all over the place in what I'd call my brain.

The sun was shining brightly and everyone was happy…. that was last Saturday, when the company I work in had their first ever family day at Desa waterpark. (Actually it is the first ever Family Day I participated in - they might have had others before I joined)

I was a bit apprehensive at going at first due to the fact that I can’t swim and that I also have the buoyancy of a stone. Sucks huh? Anyway I went, because this was also the first ever company organised thing I was going for, and I figured, if there was nothing much I could do, there was always the alternative of observing people which would have been interesting… hehehe (the evil gears in the head are turning….)
It turned out to be quite an exciting day after all, despite the fact that my boss almost killed me by shoving my life saver (the tube which I was clinging on to for dear life) and me into some violent fake waves. (Yeah, we were riding some fake and violent waves in a man made pool. For me it was downright creepy, but I didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun… reckless….)
And I rode in all the different rides there was. The most exciting being the high speed, stomach turning and brain wrecking ride known as the thunderbolt. But when the ride is done, the feeling of euphoria is indescribable. Kind of gives you a kick… and you want more…:)
Somehow I think, that I’m going to look at water a bit more differently after this… I feel the fear slowly dissipating, although I don’t think I’ll try the open sea just yet.


  1. Nope. Hope floats, though - via hypnosis.

  2. Ya know, they allow adults to take swiming lessons...
    (It's a really good skill to have.)

  3. Since that was 4 years ago, I'm guessing you'd be more confident about the waves this time round?

  4. Oh, wow! Your writing has matured SO much! It's always good to take a trip down your literal past, but I'm also so very glad you've grown in your words :)

  5. come to Ireland... and I will teach you to swim. I have a special method called 'physics and abuse'. It's actually not that abusive... it's more about explaining how your body works in water and not putting up with any of that fear nonsense!! I reckon you could have the basics in a week... two weeks and you'll be a fish!

  6. secret agent woman: yeah, I know...

    Rakesh: I'm afraid not...

    Orhan: Yeah, I noticed it as well... I think I was just way chirpier then. LOL

    Aunty: LOL... maybe someday when I visit you. Unless it's too cold!

  7. it doesn't get too cold or too hot here - it's always just right... and by just right I mean always raining! All our swimming pools are heated indoor ones anyway. Swimming outside is confined to the cold cold sea, where you go as a child so that your family can take photos of you looking miserable on your summer hols!!

  8. I'd rather have calm water than violent waves anytime... and LOL.. I can just picture a miserable looking kid shivering as she's being forced to smile for a photo!

  9. Terra - Take Aunty Helpful dictator's offer and swim baby!

    Then as a promotional event for the blog, you can swim the English Channel or something.

  10. LOL! I would... but Aunty and I have a challenge in terms of geography. But yeah, I do suddenly feel like learning how to swim...


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