Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Looking for the Missing Groove

So, it's been 5 days since I took an unofficial, unannounced break from blogging, which when you come to think of it, wasn't that much of a break seeing that I had actually written about 2 unpublished posts (because I never completed them) and that I kept visiting to stalk other blogs, as well as to reply to comments. The only way I would totally disappear from this world which I have become so dependent on for the sake of my sanity is if I were totally disconnected from the internet like I was somewhere around this time last year. I had some sort of minor withdrawal symptom back then.

Anyway, just to get back into the groove (this is all for the added drama effect, but then since I had missed out on 5 days events - not that my life is eventful in any way, in fact it is so dead boring that I am sometimes amazed at the fact that I can spew out so many things here on the blog... some that I'm okay with, and some that I regret putting up a few days later...) I thought that I'd highlight several things I thought worth mentioning...

Firstly, I kind of found out yesterday that we will be left without a real boss in the very near future, instead we will have two kind-of-temporary-but-also-kind-of-permanent bosses (the story is lengthy and complicated), and one of them is a friend of mine on FB. Just my luck... now I have to be careful about what I say there or be very, very cryptic. At least I still have this place, though I really should figure out how to get a new URL (without any indication of my actual name) just to be safe. Actually, I already know how to do it, but it involves transferring files and informing the few dear readers I have of the said transfer, etc... We'll see.

Also, when you're Malaysian, you're supposed to know at least some of the culture (especially food, because Malaysians are known to love food and if you ask any Malaysian their favourite thing about Malaysia, they will most definitely say it's the food) of some of the types of people you see everyday. Now, I don't know everything but I know some, and I thought it was hilarious that the owner of the small stall where we had Indian lunch today offered me rasam in one of those adorably cute metal cups but referred to it as soup. Of course rasam is soupy in texture and can be called soup, but if you're eating in an Indian stall, I think it was an insult that the owner would think I didn't know what rasam is.

The scariest ever odour that can greet you when you open the kitchen door is the smell of escaped gas from the gas cylinder.


  1. lolz..I hated rasam last time cause my mom likes to do it as the main dish although i told her repetitively that it's a soup. But, i like to have it when i go indian restaurants. The spicier the better..:)

  2. I kinda love rasam but unfortunately my wife doesn't know how to make it so I get my kicks from those Indian restaurants ... hehehe ...

  3. Tomato rasam is good, Nandu rasam is very good... above all, my mom's koli rasam is awesome.

  4. The scariest odour is definately the gas.....Always have the image of kitchen being blown up when someone matched the light...The aftereffect of watching too many Indian movies in 90s I guess :)

  5. Vivek: My mom does it as a main dish as well... goes perfectly with rice and sardine sambal. And yeah, the spicier, the better it is! :)

    Nick: Yeah, rasam does rock. I kinda prefer mom's one to those at the restaurants, though... :)

    Sree: I'll take your word for that. I haven't had the opportunity to try the other rasam variants. Yet... :)

    Jai: Hahaha... nice one. I'm worried about the kitchen catching fire because the room that houses my books is right next to it... :)

  6. haha. i don't like rasam but if you don not know about it, i will just guess that you seldom go to indian stall and of course not a big fan of indian cuisine :)

    ah, boss in fb? damn. i'd have great problem as i like to post craps in my fb!

    haha agree with the scariest scent! :D

  7. strongly suggest you delete that friend from your FB list... :P

  8. Faisal: Well... for me, the situation was as ridiculous as someone telling you that char kuey teow is fried flattened rice noodles...

    LOL yeah, maybe I should keep quiet for a bit... or create a brand new language ;)

    zewt: Hahaha... I don't think that's a nice thing to do. But I better start playing dragon wars again since he was the one who invited me to join his team ;)

  9. Well I hope the break has given you some reflective time and rest.

    Will your office become something out of the book lord of the flies without real authority? Could be fun.

    Gas is always a scary odor. Don;t light a match or anything and run!!!

  10. Ricardo: Who knows...? Details will follow if anything interesting happens.


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