Monday, August 31, 2009

Language Woes

And probably in the wrong time...

I made a sudden decision some time ago to register with an online job search service in order to look for some freelance and part time writing gigs. It was a tough process determining what category to put myself into - should I look for something technical, or try out editing, etc, but I made it as wide ranged as possible, because at the end of the day, it would be me who filters through the vacancies to choose what to apply for.

I got the first ever job notification a few hours ago - and they're apparently looking for an assistant editor (hardly looks freelance or part time to me), but here's the catch... It's for the Chinese Language Edition of the Magazine. And I don't even speak the language. Oh well, I'm sure others will surface soon enough



  1. Don't you hate that? So close and then the details totally exclude you from getting that prime job. Frustrating. It has happened to me as well and language was the barrier. should you we purchase the Rosetta stone software? We can learn a new language in no time flat according to the manufacturer.

  2. I don't know, sometimes i think those online job searches don't really work all that well.

    There was once I signed up looking for a managerial post in client servicing and they offered me a CEO job! I was laughing my head off ...

  3. Ricardo: Well, if the circumstances were different than yes, I'd hate that... this one made me laugh. If the Rosetta stone software can do that, I'm in. But first I need to brush up on my native language first!

    Nick: Yeah, I get strange job offers as well... and they're mostly things I don't really have qualification in. But they do make me laugh...

  4. Seems like they'd screen a little better than that.

    Just catching up here - I took an unofficial, unannounced blog break, too!

  5. Sounds like they didn't really understand your preferences. I worked for agencies a long time ago (back in the days when I used to earn money!) and they were the same. I had a specification together with my cv and they kept offering me placements which were totally unsuitable. They make commission. Money talks.

    Best wishes, CJ xx

  6. I dont know who makes money through these internet based writing editing jobs, I never landed anything decent.

    May be I was not looking in the right places.

  7. I have nothing but faith in you, dear friend. Something will come up. I will blow up the moon if something doesn't.

  8. whoa. part time editor is so cool :D
    so since you don't speak or write the language, do you think you dare to do it? if yes, i'd love to read it even though i don't understand it either haha.

  9. SAW: Apparently they don't...

    Crystal Jigsaw: Hmmm... now there's a POV I've not seen before.

    Tazeen: It was never about the money. I'm looking for experience, actually...

    Orhan: Thank you... but yeah, the moon is a bit too pretty to be blown up, you know

    Faisal: Of course not... when they see my resume. I wonder where's the english version of the mag...

  10. you should try fiction! i understand silverfish is a well regarded publication in the area.

  11. Yeah, I really should get back to that... at least to finish what I started so long ago.

  12. HA! Makes you wonder about the search engine, doesn't it?


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