Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vietnamese Spam

No... I'm not talking about spam in the tin.

I got this in my mobile phone message inbox the other day, and figured why not have some fun with it. And just to make it clear on why I'm calling it spam... it's because this is the second message I received from the same number.

"Em quen roi! the ah gap luc nao ah noi cho em mot vai thi du de em de nho ra hon co dc kg ah?"

The strangest part of all is that it was sent via a local number, and it actually got me thinking if there are any foreign workers of Vietnamese origin hereabouts. Or could it be a distressed Vietnamese bride seeking help?

I mean what are the odds of you receiving a message from a foreigner (whom I'm assuming to be Vietnamese but I could be wrong!) And yeah, sympathies to the sender, a question was asked but there was no reply.

Translations, anyone?


  1. I wouldn't even know where to begin with that one..maybe put it through a few lanuage translations on Babel Fish?

    Oh, my. Spam to your mobile? Not cool!

  2. hey, my vietnamese is lacking but I wanted to tell you that you were in my dream last night. I dreamt that you came to visit me, and then continued on around Europe!

  3. Orhan: I just tried, unfortunately babel fish doesn't have translate from Vietnamese to English. And yes, spam on the mobile is totally uncool! :)

    Aunty: Lol! Now that is one dream I wish was true! :)

  4. I hate cellphones, I only carry one because I can't live without it. I don't get spam but i do get like a hundred calls a day for insurance plans and credit cards

  5. There's only one way to solve that, I think... tell em you're at a meeting and if they say they'll call back, turn off the phone about 5 minutes before and keep it off for about half an hour. Chances are they'll get the message and leave you alone ;)

  6. spams are bad online, getting spam on cell phones would be nightmarish.

    i heart for you terra and dont worry about distressed Vietnamese ... if s/had been that distressed, s/he would have texted again

  7. Vietnamese Spam would surely contain high levels of dog and Agent Orange. Do not want.

  8. Tazeen: Tell me about it... I get spammed by the service provider itself. Morons... And talking about our not so distressed Vitnamese, perhaps you're right or she could be dead. You just never know.

    Woozie: True... it's a terrible thought thinking of eating what could have been a potential pet. Not interested either :)


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