Monday, December 01, 2008

Baby, When the Lights Go Out

November ended with a local blackout. Really...

I had just finished ironing my clothes for the work week and sat down with the laptop on the floor, a cushion on my lap and was contemplating on putting up yet another complaint post, throw a couple of comments here and there but even before anything could happen, the lights went off with a bang. It was about 7:15 pm and it was already dark. Using the light from my laptop which was running on battery, I looked for my mobile phone as a temporary torchlight until I found a real one (by the way, mobile phone lights are lousy for situations like this)

The first torchlight that I picked did not work and neither did the second one... so I traipsed into the kitchen and found matches, but no candles. A few phone calls later, I found a torchlight after rummaging in the dark, and also found some candles. I took a tin, the candles and the matches to the hall and lit it. Then I turned off the laptop.

Since there was nothing else to do, I decided to eat dinner. A candlelight dinner all by myself with the flame dancing in the windless hall. It was really weird and not romantic at all. The surroundings were also a bit too quiet save for the occasional car moving in the street or a bike, or a bunch of kids taking a walk to escape the stifling heat of their houses. After doing the dishes in the dark, I went back to where the candle was and sat down with my mp3 player. For a multitasker, the solitude and the inactivity nearly killed me.

Taking a candlelit shower is even more surreal. Every shadow is a ghost waiting to scare you, and every flicker makes you wonder if you're not alone in there (thanks to all the haunted bathrooms in schools - the fear never leaves you!) Thankfully I wasn't caught by any ghost or you wouldn't be reading this.


  1. November really wasn't your month!

  2. Yeah... I've seen better days :)

  3. there is something exceptionally eerie about candle lit bathrooms. Every so often I think its a good idea to do a stereotypical girl thing and have a bath lit by candle... it always weirds me out a little, so I tend to leave the hall light on and the door open. Weird isn't it! Why would ghost want to haunt bathrooms?

  4. I don't know... I've always associated ghosts with bathrooms probably because every single bathroom in every single school I went to was haunted... then there's the fact that I feel terribly vulnerable when in the bathromm, because it's not as though you can run out immediately or something seeing that you can slip and break something

  5. hahaha

    We in Karachi get regular power cuts, hearing a fresher perspective on power cut is funny.

    We are used to having candle lit dinner since we were kids. In any case i think romantic candle lit dinners are over rated. When you are in love, you can eat saw dust and even that would taste great.

  6. Oh.. we get frequent power cuts as well. I blogged about it because I had nothing better to blog about! Am currently still kind of suffering from a case of blogger's block)

    I don't know about romantic candlelit dinners, but I really need to see what I'm eating.

  7. I envy you, I really do, you make something as irritating as a power cut sound like a bucketload of fun. I can't wait for when the power here goes next.

  8. Hmmm... I never looked at it that way. Anyway, when you get your next powercut, you know what to do ;)


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