Monday, December 15, 2008


It's funny. I used to use blogging as a form of distraction from the idiocity of daily life, and suddenly I find myself being distracted from blogging by the idiocity of daily life.

Oh well.


  1. At the very least you've formed some lulzy and aw-worthy friendships from it :)

  2. Ain't that the truth, lulzy and aw worthy friend :)

  3. hehe yeah so true, i'm almost the same except half of what i type never makes it's way online.
    To be honest i don't have and interesting enough life to blog consistently about.
    [At least the part of my life i'm willing to share online!]

  4. Haha... you have no idea how many half written posts there are in my saved drafts, and I blame it all on this life distracting my blogging capability.

  5. i know, life, tiring isn't it, if only there were some way of getting rid of it so i could then blog all day long.
    Muahahahaha (evil laugh)

  6. Do tell if you ever find a way to do so. Life is tiring, indeed!


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