Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Curtain Falls

For 2008, that is.

This is an attempt at an annual review of the year that was. I just checked back my older stuff and was reading through years 2006 and 2007.

It came, it saw it conquered. That was 2008. And now, it's almost over, a bit like a bad movie that you're forced to watch because your eyes have been taped open.

On the personal front I'd say that 2008 was the year of the unexpected. You'd be moving along one path (not so comfortably, mind you) and the next thing you know, there's a sharp corner which you have to take, and one small wrong step will leave you, well... you know. There were so many changes that were thrown my way, that I can't even remember what changed, and when. Everything is just a blur as though I had been blindfolded and put in the middle of a non stop carousel which kept spinning and spinning and taking me along with it. When there are no resolutions to speak of there are none to break, so I took the easy move and did not make or break any resolutions just like what I've done for many of the previous years. With all the challenges and curveballs life hurls at you, the last thing you need is a broken resolution haunting you throughout the year. Or the year after.

Some things I learnt this year...

1. There are times when the more busy you are, the more time you have.
2. I had forgotten EVERYTHING I knew about playing the guitar.
3. Treat your ipod with care and it will treat you the same
4. Technology and Terra does not make a good mix
5. Windows Vista still sucks, but I still use it. Does that make me a sucker?
6. Working on Sunday evenings - no comments
7. Going into the jungle is fun
8. Wading through a river that is chest high with a strong current is not much fun
9. There are times when it still sends shudders down my spine
10. It's confirmed, my personality type is "Now you see her, now you don't"
11. Paper gives you paper cut, steel plates give you? (I didn't learn anything here)
12. Going to the same place to get a haircut does not really mean your hair will be ruined forever, just make sure it's not the same person who cuts your hair!
13. I'm jinxed (Coincidentally I ended up listing that in number 13, although I personally don't believe in 13 being unlucky) What am I saying?
14. There are people who think I'm cool
15. But deep down inside, I'm still geeky
16. I can ride a bicycle without falling off only if I go in a straight line. Corners are tricky.
17. I'm still addicted to coffee.
18. If my so called insomnia gets any worse, I'd have to borrow a gun from someone to shoot myself
19. Good news is there were NO grey hairs at all. I'm safe!

I can't say for sure if 2008 was a good or a bad year for me... no doubt I have been miserable for the most part of it, had a few breakdowns here and there (Of course I didn't blog about all of them), and there was the inception of the bloody project, a non-existent social life, no holidays at all and the memories of Bali 2006 have faded into whispers. It was the kind of year where you wonder if you're stuck in the wrong place, though not necessarily at the wrong time. It was a year of interesting friendships, good books and quite good music considering that I had suddenly found myself being more open to different styles. It was a pathetic year for movies (because I didn't watch that many to begin with) One good thing I did for a fact was to join the gym and actually stick to a regular regime (almost!), and although it leaves me very tired at the end of the day, I'm happy that I'm spending my time doing something that will benefit me in 20 years down the road. Yeah, I think that far!

For me, I'd give 2008 a 5 out of 10. Like I said, it wasn't too good, and neither was it too bad. Hey, the fact that I still live and be able to blog about it is enough proof. How was your 2008?

PS: At the time of publishing, I had tentatively decided that this is going to be the final post for 2008 (that's the only way this post will have any effect) and as much as I find solace in blogging, I feel the need to break away for a bit and look at the world in a different perspective. I might still be around lurking, though... reading. That said, I'd like to wish all blog friends and random visitors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

PS2: For the sake of all fellow sufferers of 2008, here's hoping for a wonderful 2009.

PS3: I started on this post on the 16th, the bloggers block is still there, it seems


  1. Excellent post on summing-up the wretched 2008. I'm going to attempt to sum up my 2008 over the next 48 hours, and as you can already predict, it is going to be as horrible as my 2008.

    ...and in the bid to live up to society's view of celebrating the new year with the words "happy" and "prosperous", have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and if it doesn't turn out all that great, we always have our blogs to ridicule it.

  2. Just a few more days Anita... then we shall be free of the clutches of this year! Looking forward to read your thoughts on 2008.

    And hopefully 2009 will be better! :)

  3. I'm Numbers 5,13,14,17 and 19]
    and a merry christmas to you

    Word verification: unactriv, is blogger trying to tell me something?

  4. 2008 was a very mixed year for me. The first few months could hardly have been worse, but gradually over the year it got better, culminating in me feeling very chipper these days, and thankful at how much a year can change things. I hope things keep going the same way!

    And hopefully things will be better for you too in 2009. Hugs!

  5. kartik: Merry Christmas! So we share 26% similarities in things learnt this year... :) And yeah, unactriv I guess it's just blogger's way to throw something at you just for the shock factor ;)

    aunty: Well, I'm glad for you that at least you found this year quite OK :) And here's hoping for a much much better year in 2009 for all of us ;)

  6. thanks for hitting my blog....Your blog is too cool....

  7. Awesome post, great way to end blogging in 2008! I'll probably borrow/steal your idea as well.:P Merry X'mas and A Very Happy 2009!:-)

  8. For someone with bloggers block you sure are doing well.

    I'm still addicted to coffee

    Me too :(

  9. humanobserver: Thanks for dropping by :)

    popsie: This is the best part of the year end! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! :)

    orhan: I try my best! ;) And yeah, about the coffee, I was thinking... no harm in being addicted to it.

  10. One thing I can say about your year, it wasn't boring!

    I hope you have an exciting - but less stressful - 2009, Terra.

    Caffeine addiction and insomnia, oh I hear ya.

    Have a good blog break, a great holiday season, and take care!

  11. Yeah, definitely not boring. Hope you have a great 2009 too!

  12. I could go for a PS3. They clean themselves!

  13. I'm thinking about a 2008 wrap post. I didn't do one for 2007. Perhaps my tradition will be not to do one.

    I'd say equal parts good and bad tips toward the positive.

    Wishing you the joys of the season!

  14. woozie: that's good, isn't it? :)

    travis: I'm glad you're looking at it tipping towards the positive. Let's all hope for a great 2009 :)

  15. 2008 was a year of unexpected for me, too.I don't think I've veer had so many ups and downs in a single eyar in my life! Here's to a better 2009!

  16. True... too many ups and downs. 2009 better be much better, though... And thanks for visiting.

  17. Terra,

    Happy New year to you too..Your writings are getting better and better each days..Make me jeles le..:)

    And dun forget to add me in Facebook kay!


  18. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. End of the year is always my busiest time. I promise I'll post soon.


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