Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Moon Smiles

Seen from the outside stairs that led to the almost deserted carpark, the crescent of the moon looked like a small mouth smiling in the distance. Upon a closer look, two brightly shining objects, looking like stars stared out from above the moon like a pair of eyes twinkling on a face.

I read on Saturday about the phenomenon that was supposed to occur on Monday night, where the moon, Venus and Jupiter could be seen in a cluster and thought to myself how none of these things can be seen from the Malaysian sky (like a countless number of eclipses) or how it could be another hoax that even haunted my dreams a few years ago and with everything that happens on a daily basis I completely forgot about it... that is until I saw it, thanks to a largely cloudless sky. It was so simple, yet so cool.

Being enthusiastic about phenomena like this, I went for my camera as soon as doing so was possible. Nevertheless, clouds had begun to gather and the twinkling planets were slightly unclear, and just as luck would have it, my camera could not capture the picture at all. The dark blue sky with a slightly reddish hint turned out black in the photo. Sigh...


  1. Added as an afterthought: Seeing that the picture didn't turn out well (who are we kidding? It didn't turn out at all!), I decided to make use of Paint just to give an idea what it looked like from the sky around here :)

  2. I think your aftermarket picture is so much more awesome anyways..it has character and flair..and I loved that you used yellow for detailed effect.

  3. My son said almost the same thing, that the moon looked like a small smile.

    Cool pic, Terra.

  4. orhan: Thank you :) Yeah, character... that was what I was aiming for

    lizza: yea, that's true... I think one of the papers said it looked like a smiley. Thanks :)

  5. My kids were really excited when I showed it to them. Seriously, you'd think we were watching fireworks or something. It'll be another 50 years before you can see it again, so that's pretty special.

  6. I don't blame them... outer space phenomena excites most kids (and even those who are not really kids anymore as well!)


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