Saturday, January 27, 2007


I once heard that although a human being has physically stopped growing (vertically, that is... humans have the alarming capacity to grow horizontally anytime!)his or her ears keep on growing larger and larger and larger... (you get the picture), but fortunately, considering the common human life expectancy is around 70+ years depending on gender, where we live and how we eat or other occupationaland life hazards, the ears do not totally look disproportionate to our dead bodies lying in their coffins.
Of course it's a different story is somehow through some strange medical breakthrough, the average human's life expectancy is extended to say 1000 years, then we may all be having ears that looks like Dumbo's. Unflattering I suppose, but looking on the bright side, I'd say it would be cool... I mean, yeah... if we could fly with those ears!

Now, I'm afraid to admit that I might be unable to verify the above statements as I cannot recall where I had read it... it could have been in a story book (quite unlikely, though!), or in the newspaper (yes, I have started reading the papers again), google (why would I run a search on such a thing?) or a magazine (CLEO?). I give up! I can't remember... For all I know, the article could have mentioned about noses that kept on growing instead of ears... and if that was the case, and we all lived up to 1000 years we'd all look ike Pinocchio with walking sticks and grey hair!
But what I intend to point out is that I think the feet secretly grow longer too...
Somewhere in October, I took my precious new pair of safety boots from the HR personnel as my old boots seemed to be old (Duh!) and worn off at the bottom (thanks to my feet dragging!)
I therefore unceremoniously bid them adieu, and they lived in deplorable conditions, collecting dust and whatnots outside the house. Besides, the new boots were a zillion times more comfortable. Hopwever, last Thursday, I revisited those old safety boots as I had some potentially (extremely) dirty work planned and didn't want to spoil those (quite) new boots.
Imagine my horror when the old pair behaved like a neglected bratty child, hurting my poor old toes. I can't tell for sure if it was sweet revenge or it was the fact that my feet had mysteriously grown a couple of centimetres longer in the past few months.
I have a weird feeling that it must be a little bit of both.


  1. I know that fingernails continue to grow - but I did not know about ears!!

    Now you've got me wanting to live for 1000 years so I can see if my ears grow long enough to fly.

  2. It's a well documented fact. Safety boots shrink over time ;-)

  3. Hi terra,

    I like idea of living a 1000 years.
    You have a great blog and it shows you are an experience blogger at that.
    I have a blog maybe you can assess
    it for a constructive idea to make my blog more convincing?

    Thanks and more power to you,


  4. I think women's feet do grow, terra, and I think it's linked to hormones. My feet got a full-size bigger after I gave birth. In nine months time, I could no longer wear most of my shoes. Major bummer.

  5. Hehe.. imagine having big gigantic ears like Dumbo! WAhaha... fascinating idea. Too bad we live only till max 100!

  6. travis: yeah, I've heard the fingernail thing too....

    julia: seriously? I never knew...

    me: I hope you're not autogenerated and I'm being crazy replying a machine, but, I'll check out your site when I get a chance

    gem: guess I've got the bad from both sides, now... shrinking boots and feet that continue growing... swell :D

    princess: it's clear that we all have got wild imaginations :)

  7. How 'bout the way your ass & your waistline tend to grow bigger as you get older ... ?

  8. hehehe... that comes without a doubt :D


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