Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A reason why dreams should never come true

Yeah, I had a dream again, but this one was kinda scary, a bit of adventure and something supernatural. As usual there was a whole bunch of people around me, and somewhere in the middle we had a nice picnic (at the dinner table) of finger sandwhiches, and salad and other stuff.

Back to the dream; there was this place which folks believed to be haunted, or something sinister like that, and whoever who investigated the area was doomed to some pretty shitty luck after that. For instance, there was one latin american woman who lost her fiance after doing some investigation - (my dreams have apparently become international)Anyway, all of us there were investigators of the paranormal, where in real life all of us had different jobs.

Four of us were the latest to arrive at the site, and we were kinda given a tour by one of the 'seniors' there (the latin american woman) and she was sadly explaining that once there, you'd never want to leave the place cause there's just too much sorrow elsewhere (the bad luck thing), but not so normal things also happen to you when you are there.

As we were checking out the area, one of my teammates pointed out that the paths in the area, (secondary jungle) suddenly stopped, as though no one had dared to move forward and make the path, or the growth which grew back after being cut didn't look any different from the original sides. That looked pretty frightening in the dream as everything was a blur... and the whole area was sort of elevated, as though someone had cut circular pieces of rock and arranged them one on top of another like a rough edged mountain.

After checking out the area, we went in for lunch, ate and I went off to get something in the room I was in. There I saw one of my team members sitting crossed legged and offered me a tall glass, and said that i forgot to have their special drink. Going nearer, I reached for the glass when i saw that it was filled with some yellowish liquid that looked inedible - I asked what it was and the fella said that it was a mixture of plasma, and that I must enjoy it.I ran out (thankfully I was near the door) and met a bunch of people outside... one of them the fella who offered the gross thing, looking inside tha room, we could still see the same fella holding the glass. When he saw us he vanished into thin air.The Latin woman came forward and was about to say something when I woke up - damn; but i figure that what she wanted to say was that I was doomed.


  1. Is it in 'Italics' because its a blog entry about a dream? --Vijay.

  2. you've been watching too much fear factor.

  3. I used to... guess things like that never leave you in peace :)

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