Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The jinxed ex-roomates and other coincidences

This story goes way back to 5 years ago when two 20 year olds were made into roomates (by some higher forces known as the residential college management)... and the trials and tribulations that followed :)

How many of us would have had roomates who were born in the exact same year, and same month albeit 9 days later, and while 1 roomate was born on a single digit date, the other roomate was born on a 2 digit date, but adding up both those digits, you'd get a single digit which is the exact same date as the first roomate?

However, their story begin a little earlier than 5 years ago... after becoming friends due to being in the same course and for the same reason why ppl actually become friends in the first place, these two ppl were faced with quite a number of occurences that would one day make them look back and realise that they were probably jinxed.

See, what used to happen back then was, (this was a year before they became roomates) having the same classes, they used to have some of the afternoons off - nice sunny weather to do the laundry. The sun would be shining brightly, and beckoning ppl to go and hang their laundry until the clothes became 'crispy'. Well, not long after the clothes were washed and hung out to dry, dark clouds would appear and it would rain - extremely heavy at first followed by prolonged drizzling. But this strange weather pattern only happened IF and ONLY IF both of them did their laundry at the same time. It happened every time, until one of them decided that she'll not do her laundry if the other friend did.

There were also other incidents that made the girls wonder if there was something not quite right going on... like when they passed under this one particular street light, the light would go off, just like that... and all the other things they had to face when taking classes with scary lecturers and then jumping from the frying pan into the fire, because things always managed to end up being worse when they have changed sections.

You would also think that five years down the road, they couldn't possibly be jinxed anymore... although they do keep in touch, they are now both working in different states, doing totally different things and hanging out with totally different ppl... but it was not meant to be so. It so happened that one of the roomates called the other and they were talking for an hour or so about things in general, including who has heard from whom and the problems plaguing the community, such as the ever increasing petrol prices...

Roomate A said that ever since she got her own car late August last year, the price of petrol has gone up thrice... silence on the other side... Then roomate B said..."August, yeah, i got my car back then too... looks like when we only had our OTF's (Own two feet), the petrol prices remained quite stable... this definately has got something to do with the fact that I bought a car" Roomate A was surprised to find that roomate B still thought that way... that things would go WAY out of hand just because the world was against them.Roomate B replied..."yeah... of course, makes you feel much better doesn't it?"

And the 2 ex-roomates continued their conversation on other things...

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