Saturday, April 01, 2006

How many have been fooled?

April 1st. April Fool's Day aka All Fool's Day. The parents' wedding anniversary.

1992: The big tree between the year 1 block and the year 6 block fell down and damaged part of the year 1 block the night before. No one was hurt, but there was 1 less tree in the world to save the environment :( ... The good thing out of it, me and a classmate had a conversation topic for a dialogue assignment for BM.
1995: The wonder years! A few of us planned a trick on an unsuspecting friend. A poem with corny lines such as:
Your eyes are like the stars in the sky....
Your hair is black and silky like satin.....
Unsuspecting friend humoured us by replying....
My hair looks like a mop!
On April 1st we gave her a flower as a token of appreciation for being such a sport.

1996: At my most mischievous:
It was fun playing with people's most valuable assets... but utterly mean. The victim was the president of the English Language Society at school. Wrote her a letter from a guy who proclaimed himself to be casanova. Cool part was that she actually believed it. The problem started when started asking questions... she suspected it to be someone she knew, " some horrid 'perasan' guy that thinks he is hell of a good looking prince charming..."
In the end, she took the joke pretty well, a bit too well in fact, I have a feeling she was mostly relieved. I wish I had the letter to be able to post it here, but it is now unfortunately history!

2001: Told my friend who was reliant on his phone that the network we were using at that time was closing down. He believed it! Weirdly enough, in 2003 the network was bought over by another network... Be careful what you say....

2006: Got fooled big time this year. Received an email attachment from a friend, inviting the friends to his engagement. Was all geared up to reply a big hearty congralutory mail, when the attachment revealed it's true content....

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