Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Overused phrases and their consequences

When you hang out with ppl long enough, you tend to use the same type of language especially when speaking. In the course of "hanging out" with my friends from university, i noticed that one of the phrases overused was "jump off a lake". Logically speaking, it doesn't make any sense jumping 'off' a lake, when the lake is actually a body of water with nothing to serve as a platform for you to 'jump off' unless of course you're a toad idling it's time on a lilypad.

Some time later, the phrase " my foot and a half" was extensively used to address never ever cases... cause "my foot" was not sufficient enough to emphasise the feelings expressed during those times. Whenever I got home during the holidays, my sister would give some comments about the phrases that I picked - and for this she said; "you better be careful or else you're really gonna have a foot and a half" - which obviously fell on deaf ears.

Sometime during that break, when I was hopping out of the bathroom ( i hop out of the bathroom, not walk - a very bad habit if i may say so. ;-)), i skid forward (slippery floor- i'm not to be blamed) and hit my right foot on the washing machine nearby and broke my toenail in half. It split right across the middle and was bleeding for a couple of days.
Looks like "never ever" is a much safer phrase to use.

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