Saturday, April 29, 2006


Whoever would have thought watching 1/3 of a movie with a 3 letter title could inspire me to write... but it did. Inspiration comes from the most unexpected venues sometimes.

A few nights ago, I came across this movie, bug - the summary of the movie provided by the channel was: a chain of events that began from the killing of a bug... hence the title I suppose ;-)
I missed the beginning, but the little that i watched (1/2 hour) is sufficient for me to dedicate time and space to the movie.

There was a cook/chef cooking some food in the kitchen, when a song plays on the radio and the deejays requesting listeners to call and guess the song. The cook knew the song and turned off the stove to go make the call... the food in there was less than 1/2 cooked. Then, a customer walks in, and the boss sees the cook missing, and just scoops up the half cooked dish to be packed for the customer.

The next scene was the said customer vomiting, and the health inspector checking the premises of the diner... and telling them to check the refrigeration systems and all. (No one knows about the half cooked dish except for those watching the movie, i think). The boss turns in to a mad guy, and locks the door and makes the cook (actually i think he is his assistant) throw out all the meat and stuff. The cook refuses as he has to leave early, but the boss forces him too. And then this other guy pops his head into the diner and gets chased off by the boss... but the assistant calls him back and gives him baseball tickets to the dodgers game.

So this guy goes back, and his wife is preparing dinner... she tells him that dinner will be ready in a while, but he goes out for the game anyway. The wife is so upset that her husband didn't even bother eating her food, that she drove herself to a pub/male strip joint and got unbeliavably drunk... as she was driving, she happily hit a stationary car.

The next day, as her husband was driving to work, his way was bloked by the hit car, so he took another route which was blocked by a dog. He wanted to get the dog out of the way and instead he got a summons for illegal parking. The guy at the restaurant cannot bear it anymore, and decides to quit (after giving up his tickets... poor chap) On the way, he throws something and it hits the glass of another shop. Glass shatters.

A man sits quietly by a cafe and sees the scene between the dog and the man, and gives a talk about it in the evening, coincidently watched by the man the story is about... he calls his wife who is again preparing dinner, and asks her what she'd do if he became all helpless... (this had sthg to do with the talk show)... and she was obviously not ready for that kind of a question and this man started accusing her of having someone else and even gave the guy a name.

In another totally unrelated scene (at that moment), a restaurant gives a reserved place to this couple because the person in charge and the guy from the couple know each other... and then when the ppl who made the reservation arrived, they were informed that no reservation had been made, and the poor man in charge to book the reservation was fired, because the meal was for an extremely important person who insists on eating there and there only.

The fired man is then talking to his wife and they decide on steps to reduce expenses until something is done, one of which includes stopping his daughter's dance lessons... next scene, another family, with the father happily talking to his daughter who was chosen to have a solo act in a dance recital because; "katie quit class". - katie; the girl from the family above.

The story ends here, for me because I had to give the tv to my father who wanted to watch wrestling... sob sob... so i never found out how the story ended and how the ppl in the show had their events related to one another.

Makes you kinda think about how one small event, ie; killing a bug - which i also missed, by the way could lead to so many changes in the lives of the ppl around the incident. Thought the idea was quite interesting to ponder upon


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