Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Boys

First of all, they are confusing, because they are probably a confused lot themselves. And due to their tendency to be confusing, they end up causing a whole lot of confusion!

Juvenile as it seems, and unlikely as it is to have a thirty-something lamenting about something like this, here I am.

P.S: Nope, this is not one of those girls vs boys posts, I just had the need to let this out due to some personal reasons and I had nowhere else to put it.

PPS: Title of the post modified from the lyrics to the song "I don't like Mondays" by Boomtown Rats.


  1. You're right when you say we're a confused lot cos half the time we don't know what's happening ... LOL!

  2. They're just very very immature...seriously!!! They can be 50 freakin years old but still behave like children.

    Immature men or hyperemotional women....these are our only two options!! God i hope they make friends with the alien race fast...we need new meat!

  3. Nick: LOL, you actually agree with me!

    sabrina: Ha ha... I agree, to both! But above all, I find them confusing. Most of the time. :(

  4. Twas ever thus. I have no defence. But please, don't let it grind you down.

  5. I think the King of Scurf would be an exception to this rule Terra

  6. King Of Scurf: I'll try my best, LOL :)

    nursemyra: I agree :)

  7. Venus and Mars. I still like them, though.

  8. LOL. Yeah, Venus and Mars. :)


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