Thursday, November 03, 2011


So, you meet someone in person for the very first time, and instead of going for the tried and tested (but incorrigible) "Nice to meet you", you can now compliment their socks while you shake hands with them. On condition that you can actually see their socks.

An excellent ice-breaker if I may say so myself. ;)


  1. And if they're wearing open toed sandals you can compliment them on their nail polish

  2. I gotta try this sometime :D

  3. I have try this just to see the person's reaction.

    @nursemyra - I usually say this to women - that is if their nail polish is actually appealing

  4. nursemyra: Indeed... I've had that happen to me once :)

    Nick Philips: LOL, yeah, you should:)

    sriyani: I was immensely surprised, actually. But my socks were nice :)

    Orhan: The pants(jeans) were normal, but I was indoors, so my shoes were outside and I still had my socks on...

  5. I guess that would only work if you were somewhere people routinely took their shoes off indoors?

    I have a habit of complimenting strangers on things like their clothing or jewelry (or cute babies) when I'm out in public. I used to never do that, so i take it as a sign that I'm turning into my mother. :-o

  6. LOL @ 'turning into my mother'. And yes, the compliment on socks works only with those who habitually take off their shoes indoors, or perhaps those who wear shorts with socks and shoes


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