Saturday, November 19, 2011

Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

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Kuala Sepetang Mangrove Park

aka Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

After the jaunt in the museum, where we took a few *illegal photos (see part 3), we drove on towards the mangrove forest, missing the entrance several times before we finally found it - yes, even with the GPS because we had the wrong name - don't ask. Entry was free, and so was parking. Again!

The forest reserve is an educational park of sorts, peppered with signboards indicating the different flora (and fauna - but fauna are a bit harder to spot) you could find around you, a platform you could walk on so that the mud didn't damage your footwear, but unless you have enough foresight to think of mosquitoes, without bug repellent, you'd be contributing to a free blood festival for said mosquitoes. You can also choose to stay there overnight if that is your thing - there are chalets there which you can rent, and I think they are pretty cheap.

Besides being a place where you'd gain knowledge on mangrove forests and their usefulness in protecting our inland from erosion, you'd also see people jogging there - in fact, there was one particularly loud jogger running around - you could hear his footsteps on the boardwalk before you saw him, so you could get ready to make way for him to pass you. In the time it took us to cover the whole area, he had jogged past us at least three times. 

One of the many signboards
This tree predates the country's independence. So do my parents, actually. But still....
The platform/boardwalk

*we tried to blend in with the exhibits, and then realised that the museum had cameras all around watching our every move. It's a wonder that no one kicked us out.

To be continued....


  1. wow this is beautiful. i did not know they have this kind of place there. i should plan to go there someday instead of famous mee udang! LOL

  2. Why would anyone kick you out?

  3. Faisal: Taiping is an awesome place to visit. I didn't try the mee udang though cos I'm allergic to prawns!

    nursemyra: well, they had signs saying 'do not enter' at certain spots, but mischief overtook logic that day and my sister and I went really, really close to certain exhibits to take photos, only to later realise that there were cctvs there - meaning someone could have been watching us, hence the possibility of us getting kicked out.

  4. I should do something like this :) Im missing out on our beautiful nature.

  5. I've been planning to visit Taiping for so long (being so close in penang and all!!) and now at least i can get some tips from you on what to do there. :)

  6. Jaya J: Yeah, me too... I need to check out more of what M'sia has to offer.:)

    Saby: Good to see you online again... yeah, feel free to ask anything, though I'm very slow in responding to e-mails attached to this account. Use the comment section of any blog post when you want to ask anything :)

  7. You take much better photos than they do. You should go back there and offer to spruce up their website. I will offer to proofread the English on their signs.

  8. Thank you, King of Scurf. They have so many photos, though...

    Once upon a time, Malaysians could boast of having rather good English... our current education system and policies has unfortunately put an end to that, hence the need to proofread the signs :(


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